Why Hire a Comedian?

While laughter and fun may not always be the first adjectives that come to mind when you envision a work event, it is our team’s goal to break the mold and make it is the experience of hiring a comedian as easy as possible and to ensure your next event creates a sense of enjoyment that will leave your guests with something to talk about!

Corporate Entertainers is North America’s premier entertainment booking agency and your go-to event resource. We have been revolutionizing the corporate events scene with the most in-demand and talented entertainers for more than 40 years. The success of your event always depends on your ability to search and select the perfect entertainer for you specific event and your audience. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible and gotten the selection process down to a science, by choosing Corporate Entertainers you’ll be able to leverage our insight and expertise to ensure your event is a huge success.

We Know There’s Pressure

Finding that perfect entertainer for your event can be quite a daunting task. Entertainment is more important now than ever before.Finding and hiring the right entertainer for your event not only enhances it, but it also creates an unforgettable experience where your audience can relax, get engaged and have fun.

From a business perspective, hiring the right entertainer can drive home an important corporate or motivational message while creating an unforgettable experience that will entice people to get engaged. Whether you want to meet a defined business objective, inspire your audience to do more or just put a smile on their faces, the perfect entertainer can deliver big results.

Through Corporate Entertainers we provide you with so many options. A diverse set of comedians that provide a different type of value to your event, and work for different audiences for different organizations. It’s a stressful and sometimes a bit overwhelming to select the right entertainer for your event, but it doesn’t need to be. That’s why we’re here. We’ll build a partnership that allows you to make the best decision for your event.

Who Hires a Comedian or Corporate Entertainer?

The simple answer? Everyone. Whether you are a non-profit organization hosting a massive fundraiser for a very important cause, or a multi-national corporation putting on an important employee recognition event, or even a small business searching to reward your team with a night of laughter and entertainment, the right comedian or entertainer can help make the event one that no one will forget.

Regardless of what your event objective is, industry or event location, hiring a comedian or entertainer from Corporat Entertainers can help you get more people to attend, deliver a better experience, and help you create an event that everyone’s talking about the next day.

As unique as your event may be, our extensive roster of world-class entertainers is a perfect place to start your search. We have spent countless hours making it easier for you to find and hire the perfect comedian or entertainer to suit your event’s tone and atmosphere. Our roster – combined with our proven insight, objective advice and support – creates a partnership that will help you be well positioned for success.

The following list demonstrates the wide variety of comedic options we proudly offer.

Hiring the Right Entertainer: Time to Get Started

Once you’ve decided that you want a comedian or entertainer to be part of your event, the fun starts! With our insight, guidance and advice, we can help you find the perfect entertainer. As you think about the type of entertainer who will best meet your event needs, plan to check out online video performances, testimonials, biographies, and scenarios where they have previously performed. Our entertainer pages have in-depth information that can help you really get to know them and make an educated decision.

If you are having difficulty deciding whether to hire a motivational comedian for corporate conventions or visual comedians for family audiences, simply give us a call. We’ll provide objective recommendations that can steer you in the right direction.

Finding the Perfect Match

The most important part of hiring a comedian or entertainer for your event is matching their approach, style and topics with your audience and event goals. You don’t want to hire the one-man-band for an intimate event for senior level executives.

Questions to ask yourself while planning:

1. What topics and themes would resonate best with your audience?

2. Do you want a cleaner performance or one that is a bit edgier?

3. Which topics will help meet your event goals?

4. Should you have two entertainers or just one?

5. Are there certain topics that are off limits or conflict with your organization’s brand and values?

After you’ve reviewed their biography, experience, credits, and testimonials on our website and created your ideal shortlist, contact us directly. We can help you review them more closely and provide some expert insight so you can make the best decision for your event. Lean on our expertise so you can be confident in the fact that your event will be a huge success!

You’ve Chosen Your Entertainer… But Now What? 

As an event planner, you have a tough job. It can be stressful to organize an event from start to finish. There is pressure to deliver an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. That’s a tall order and we know you have a difficult job. That’s why the Corporate Entertainers team has made it easy to search, find and hire a comedian or entertainer so you can focus on other parts of your event.

Our partnership represents an opportunity for you to focus on the big tasks. Let us do the legwork for you. For more information on researching, booking and hiring the perfect entertainer for your event, simply contact our service representatives for more information. We’ll work together to deliver success from start to finish.