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Hire a Humorist – an Alternative to Hiring a Comedian

Today I want to talk to you about the idea behind hiring a humorist as an alternative to hiring a comedian.

Quite simply put, a humorist is a person who performs humorous material.

What is humorous material you ask?

This material is more subtle & intellectual entertainment designed to amuse your audience, rather than over the top belly laughs. Don’t get me wrong though, a Humorist is just as funny!

You may have heard of famous humorists such as Bill Hicks & Andy Rooney to name a couple.

A humorist will engage and make your audience think, rather than repeating one liners and double meanings to enact uncontrollable laughter.

You might be wondering what the benefits of a humorist would be… a humorist is great at delivering important messages while adding a twist of humor to lighten the message.

There are many different types of humorists and possible events to feature such an act:

Health Care

A humorist goes farther than just pure entertainment; it’s humor with a message.

Thanks for tuning in…talk to you soon!

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