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We have all been to those awful corporate events where everyone is standing around holding a half-filled red plastic cup in one hand while trying pretending that they are really important with their phone in the other. Or what about those team building exercises where realistically everyone is so far away mentally that they don’t gain a single thing from that time spent together? With the holiday season fast approaching why don’t you bust out of the norm with a fun filled party where employees can actually enjoy their time, remember why they like working for the company AND why you are the best boss around?

At Corporate Entertainers we will make your next set of corporate events much more entertaining by bringing in comedians, impersonators, celebrities, and illusionist just to name a few! It is a proven that laughter can actually be healthy for us as it increases our pulse which raises blood pressure which then causes us to breath faster and essentially sends more oxygen to our brains. In fact doctors found that laughing for 10-15 minutes burned 50 calories, so why not bring in entertainers such as Tracey Bell, Bowser and Blue, The Evasons, Double Vision, or Colin Mochrie and make your next big event an event to remember? Maybe your company needs more of an inspirational, motivational or even a bilingual speaker or possibly there is a new product that is being launched soon or an annual fundraiser coming up. Whatever the event Corporate Entertainers handles all of those and more and can easily set you up with your specific needs through various methods of contact.

Corporate Entertainers is Canada’s premier entertainment talent agency and has been around since 1972, so you can be confident that you are not dealing with a less experienced business run by people who don’t know fun or who have no idea of the difference between funny clowns or real comedians. At Corporate Entertainers we do not handle children’s parties; we are strictly a corporate event planning company and will be there from the booking to the very end to ensure that every little detail was taken care of with ease and professionalism. Visit our web site where you can browse through our extensive roster of performers and actually watch videos clips of the many entertainers doing their gigs live.  Often this is the most accurate way to decide which one would be the best fit for your event! There are over eight pages of people to choose from so kick up your feet, relax, and laugh a little while you enjoy their shows!

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