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Host An Awesome After-Grad Party With A Hypnotist

stage_hypnotistsHire An Engaging Stage Hypnotist For Your After Grad and Share In Some Big Laughs

Every after-grad party needs great entertainment to make the event fun and memorable. What better way to ensure your grad guests have fun and share in big laughs, than with a performance by professional stage hypnotists. Ideal for high school, college, and university after-grad parties, an entertaining, interactive hypnotist will add excitement to the after-grad party by not only entertaining guests but also including volunteers as part of the show.

A hypnotist stage show generally involves asking for audience volunteers to join the hypnotist on stage. The hypnotist delivers specific suggestions to the volunteers who then act on those suggestions. A hypnotist show can often include music and comedy. The professional hypnotist will never humiliate volunteers as the goal of the show is to have fun and lots of laughs together in an exciting shared experience. What better way to celebrate graduation with friends that with an amazing hypnotist show.

Corporate Entertainers offers some of the best Hypnotists in the business who are perfect for after-grad parties. Sebastian Steel Hypnotist extraordinary has been entertaining audiences for more than a decade. Sebastian Steel’s hypnosis show has been rated one of the top three acts in Canada. Steel has taken his experience in the entertainment industry and his extensive understanding of the human mind and hypnosis, and compiled it into two hours plus of comedy, drama, magic, music, and improvisation that leaves his audiences in stitches and on the edge of their seats in amazement. Enter the world of hypnosis and see the act that keeps people coming back for more! For more info on Sebastian Steel, please visit:

Hypnotist William James uses hypnosis as an entertaining art form. William James Zombie Jamboree has been touring since 1996, with over 300 performances last year alone. Growing in scope to encompass well over 300 skits, which make up six completely unique and different stage shows ranging from one to three hours in length, James utilizes more costumes, props and music than any other traveling hypnosis show today! Thus making the shows completely customizable and excellent for multiple bookings! Regarded as one of Canada’s best hypnotists, William James delivers a mesmerizing event!

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