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How Character Comedians Add An Extra Dose Of Hilarity To An Event


If you are planning an event and you are looking to hire a comedian who will entertain your guests with hilarious material, a character comedian may be the answer. These skilled professionals offer a unique comedy talent that will be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Character Comedians are comedians who have developed a hilarious persona or character that they play when performing The persona that a character comedian plays allows the comedian to deliver hilariously unique material. Much of the persona displayed comes from stereotypes. The characters have funny personalities, a unique way of talking, distinct facial expressions, particular mannerisms, and when all combined into one performance, makes the character comedian so funny. Professional experience and immense talent makes these comedians the perfect choice for all sorts of events, including: corporate events, conventions, business dinners, trade shows, fundraisers, sports events, and much more. As well, most of these comedians will provide clean comedy material.

At Corporate Entertainers we have some of the best character comedians for any event. Jimmy The Janitor is a stand-up comedy character created by broadcaster Sandy Gillis in 1987. He is the best of Maritime Canadian Comedy, rolled up into a colourful character. Jimmy’s brand of good clean Maritime fun is a welcomed by audiences from all walks of life and demographics. Jimmy’s live performances touch on the personalities and funny situations “down home” in the Maritimes and is, in the words of “Jimmy” creator, Gillis, “A show I can bring my parents to”.

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