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How Does Stage Hypnotism As Entertainment Actually Work?

attilahypnotistToday, there is a more of a demand for hypnosis stage shows than ever before, particularly for business and corporate events. A hypnosis stage show is one of the most entertaining and hilarious experiences you will see or participate as an audience volunteer. As corporate entertainment, a hypnotist show is extremely appealing because watching colleagues and management on stage displaying their hidden talent is both fun and hilarious.

Professional, ethical entertainment hypnotists elicit and direct volunteers to come up on stage and enter a certain level of hypnosis. The hypnotist will then choose the volunteers that seem the most suitable subjects for suggestion. The others will return to their seats. Those with the most vivid imaginations tend to make the best subjects for hypnosis. As the selected audience members enter the deeper levels of hypnosis, their subconscious mind opens up to suggestions given by the hypnotist. Often talent just emerges from volunteers who never knew they had it within them. Once the volunteers are in their hypnotic state, the hypnotist will give them suggestions such as: sing like a particular music star, bark like a dog, dance, etc.

Hypnosis for entertainment is a very fun experience where the audience laughs with the volunteers on stage, and not at them. Ethical entertainment hypnotists treat the volunteers as they would like to be treated. Everyone laughs while the volunteers and hypnotist receive a thunderous round of applause at the end of the show. When the show is over, the volunteers actually feel just fine, with no negative affects.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have top canadian Hypnotists who are ideal for a wide range of events. Attila hypnotist is a premiere act born and raised in Hungary. Attila has performed in France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, and Canada. Attila was honoured by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) in 2005 at the 20th International Hypnotherapy Conference with a “Special Recognition Award” He is recognized not only as one of Canada’s top hypnotists, but also around the world by many of the top experts in the field of hypnotism. Attila’s hypnosis show with magic and dance is a sure hit for any event. With his full evening Hypnosis Shows, his company provides Magic Shows and DJ Service for Corporate Entertainment & Fundraisers. ‘Attila Hypnotist’ offers the best hypnosis entertainment packages available for Corporate Events, Fundraisers, and Community Events. His show can be turned into an entire community event that allows families to participate. The combinations of his show offers are literally endless. For more information on Attila, please visit:

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