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How Improv Comedy Can Make A Great Team Building Exercise


If you are one of many employers having a difficult time keeping employees engaged and motivated, an effective team building program may be the solution. Investing in team building can not only boost morale, but also convey the message that the company is committed to providing fun development opportunities. One such team building exercise that is a hit with employees is improv comedy.

A good example of improv comedy is the television show ‘Whose Line Is It, Anyway?’ This form of comedy consists of a group of people putting on a hilarious act based on audience suggestions. The skills that improv comedy teaches transfers well to the workplace. These skills include: listening and communication, thinking on the spot, collaboration, building confidence, thinking outside the box, and taking initiative.

Comedy improv is a great team building tool as it teaches groups to work together and agree on an idea. It is an exercise that promotes bonding and learning to accept individuals’ unique ideas.  It encourages the exploration of possibilities as well as promoting trust and respect among employees. It also helps people understand nonverbal cues such as eye contact and body language.

Hiring a comedian to host a comedy improve team building program can greatly improve productivity in the workplace. As well, hosting an event that includes a comedy improv act is a great way to boost morale. Corporate Entertainers has amazing improv comedians available for hire. Don’t Mind Us is a two person clean comedy improv show based entirely on audience suggestion. These two talented performers have entertained countless corporate and convention audiences with their unique thoroughly enjoyable clean improv comedy. Don’t Mind Us takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of their clients to design custom shows that exceed expectations. They can present a customized, individualized, and personalized show for your organization.

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