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How Motivational Comedians Use Humour To Motivate An Audience


Motivational Comedians are a very popular entertainment choice for various types of business and corporate events. The presentation delivered by a motivational comedian is designed to take the serious issues and challenges in the corporate and business culture and infuse them with positive, funny, and upbeat content. Through laughter and a motivating presentation, negativity is diminished and the audience is inspired to effectively address issues in a positive and productive way.

A company benefits from hiring a motivational comedian because the audience experiences a therapeutic type of effect of humour and laughter on their mental well being. Stress is greatly reduced and people laugh together which helps to build strong bonds among individuals in the group sharing the comedy experience. The presentation delivered by a motivational comedian can boost morale and unite individuals in the audience. The result can be a more productive team, happier individuals, and it can effectively change for the better how everyone works together, as well as independently.

Meg Soper is a great example of the amazing motivational comedians we offer at Corporate Entertainers.  Meg is a professional speaker and comedienne recognized as one of the premiere motivators on life balance in Canada. Meg Soper has a tremendous ability to connect with her audience and her unique blend of comedy and inspirational stories provide “humour with a heart.”.If your next event needs motivation along with humour, consider a professional motivational comedian.  Please visit to view Meg’s profile.

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