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How To Afford Comedians and Entertainment For Charity Galas


For every charity, raising funds to do good work in the community is always a challenge. To raise funds, a charity has to invest some money, particularly when holding a fundraising event such as a charity gala. When holding a charity gala, quality entertainment will be required. The fundraiser’s dilemma – getting good entertainment at a good price to draw patrons to the gala.  Comedian Derek Edwards and musical impressionist Andre Philippe Gagnon are popular choices.

One way to secure the funds to hire quality entertainment for your charity gala is through sponsorship. Today’s companies want to show their customers and clients they give back to their communities. Businesses want to be seen as good corporate citizens. A company that sponsors the entertainment for a charity gala gets exposure and low-cost marketing. The more a charity can show companies the benefits of partnering with them for a charity gala, the more successful it will be in securing partnership with sponsoring companies.

Before approaching businesses, you should develop a budget for the entertainment. Plan to approach a number of companies so that if you don’t get one big sponsor, you won’t be left scrambling for funds. Consider the audience your event will reach, such as business professionals, families, children, high school students, seniors, etc. Reach out to a company who will want to reach that audience to promote their business. Determine how you will promote the sponsor before and during the event. This can be signage, logos, banners, a corporate booth, press releases announcing the sponsorship, etc. Remember, each potential sponsor might have its own marketing needs so be flexible.

Having business sponsorship for a charity gala makes it much easier and more affordable to book quality entertainment for a charity gala.

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