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How To Book A Great Comedian For Your Corporate Event

bob robertson

When most people think of corporate events, their mind always inevitably gravitates towards a room full of chairs in front of a stage where some corporate suit is going to talk endlessly about statistics or synergy – in other words, some of the most boring things imaginable. So, how can someone organizing one of these corporate events manage to get people interested – and more importantly, get them engaged with the event before getting to the ostensibly “boring” part?

The concept of “warming up” the crowd is no doubt a familiar one – everyone in the entertainment business does it from bands to public speakers. By putting someone out ahead of their act or speech they can get the crowd ready to accept whatever it is that they main speaker/performer has to show them.

This same basic idea can be applied to business meetings, but instead of trying to find an introductory speaker that matches the exact tone and feel of the event, why not loosen up the crowd a little bit with some sort of entertainer? Sure, the event organizer needs to make sure that the entertainment they are selecting will not use any inappropriate language for that particular event – but beyond that they don’t really need to line up with anything that they are doing for the rest of the event or meeting.

Perhaps the best kind of entertainer for warming up a crowd at any event or company function is a comedian. While a band might be a good way to get people excited for what’s about to come, comedians are just as good at leaving people excited – but with an extra bonus. If the company event is going to involve any number of topics that some people might find a bit off putting or even strange to be discussing, comedians help to lower those inhibitions and really let people engage in an open conversation. Making sure that everyone is open to conversation is especially important for holiday office events that are inherently more social. Thankfully you can also find amazing entertainment for corporate Christmas parties with us as well.

Of course, choosing a comedian for the event can be a real challenge. As mentioned earlier, there are many things to take into consideration when selecting one, and for the person putting together the business event, it is almost impossible to sort through all the available comedians, but this is where a talent agency that specializes corporate events comes into play. As Canada’s premier corporate talent agency we make it easy to find and schedule the perfect comedian for your big event. If you are ensure of what route to take and want some suggestions, then simply contact us and we can give you a list of terrific options and point out some of our top performers. By working with us we leave you more time to focus on bigger tasks while knowing that your choice will be a huge success and your next corporate won’t be a room of empty chairs!


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