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How to Choose the Perfect Comedian for Your Event

Comedians come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. To select the comedian that will communicate most favourably with your guests you must understand their style of humour and their communicative strengths. This choice can have a massive impact on the impression your guests take away from your event, the force and clarity with which your message is delivered to the audience, and the general mood of your guests.

The first and most important criteria in this selection process is the type of humour you want your guests to enjoy. For a younger and edgier crowd, a comedian that specializes in insult humour, cultural humour, or gender humour may be appropriate. These comedians do run the risk of offending certain people, but when they sync well with their audience they are able to forge a genuine relationship with them and the impression they leave can be a strong and positive one. One of the brightest comedians on the Corporate Entertainers roster, Evan Carter, is a prime example of this style of humour. He is very adept at engaging the crowd, hurling bitingly witty insults at them, and generally creating a hilarious atmosphere of openness and community.

It is rare, however, that any fundraising event would employ this type comedian because of the sensitive nature of the issue(s) that are being tackled. Additionally, at these events the crowd tends to be less homogenous in terms of age and cultural background, so the likelihood of someone being offended can be quite high. For events where the guests are of a diverse group, or a particularly conservative group, it may be best to hire a so-called ‘clean’ comedian. Much like Jerry Seinfeld, these types of comedians are specialists in making everyone laugh because their humour is observational, non-denominational and seldom offensive to anyone. Brent Butt, one of Corporate Entertainers’ premier comedians, is one of these types. He, like many comedians of his ilk, is a charmingly friendly man with an understated kind of charisma that big groups can feed off.

It is also essential that you consider the communicative style of the comedian. Some comedians are loveable and quirky, others take command of the audience and are brilliant orators. If you are planning a corporate event and want to pass on a motivational message through your comedian, it is probably best to select someone who is also relatable, likeable, and charismatic. He or she should also be able to convey the motivational message with passion and confidence without alienating their audience.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in a comedian to promote a social, environmental or political cause, it is important that they are able to speak with empathy and humility about the issue at hand and should have a trustworthy quality that crowds will respond to positively. Brent Butt, once again, is someone with an immediately trusting and likeable quality who is able to inspire crowds and further good causes.

At Corporate Entertainers, the choice is not always clear which of our many comedians is the perfect fit for you. That is why we are happy to help guide you in your selection process in order to ensure that your event is the success that it should be.


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