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How to Get the Most Out of Corporate Entertainment

There are a wide range of top corporate entertainers that have geared their shows towards the corporate entertainment market. They understand that their role is to help companies and organizations stand out. Entertainment for corporate events must be targeted specifically toward the audiences, ensuring that it is appropriate for everyone in attendance. There are a number of things event planners can do to get the most out of your event’s corporate entertainment.

When selecting corporate entertainment, make sure that:you consider unique entertainment, or entertainment that adds that wow factor, so that you can help ensure that you impress the audience and they remember and talk about it for a long time after the event. You should also keep up-to-date with the latest entertainment trends in order to maintain a competitive edge. If you are planning for an exhibition or trade show, consider entertainment that will idraw visitors to your booth. In addition, incorporate your logo or corporate message into your corporate entertainment.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have corporate entertainment that will definitely add value to your event. Below are a few great corporate options:

Bowser and Blue are musical satirists that have been writing and performing music and comedy together for more than twenty years. Their comedic style includes: musical comedy, political humour, prop comedian, song parodies, and visual comedy. Bowser and Blue offer clean humor. Their material ranges from absurdist humour, “Canadian Psychedelic Snowboarding Team”, “I’m in Like with a Dyke Named Spike”) to pointed political and cultural satire (“You Should Speak French”, “Driving in Quebec”, “Bouchard’s Speech”, “Clinton’s Thing”, “Rappin’ Rambo”).Their comedy style is particularly loved by the baby boomers, a large demographic that particularly enjoys their political and social satire. Not exclusive to boomer humor, the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities voted Bowser and Blue “Entertainers of the Year” for their work in pubs and on college and university campuses.

Comedian and magician Mathew Disero, blends the two disciplines together to create the perfect interactive, clean, and funny show. Matthew always treats guests with respect and never asks them to do anything embarrassing. During the show up to 15 people are invited onstage to help with the laughs. Always working within the parameters of good taste, the comedy is clean and corporate friendly. The whole audience becomes a part of a show that involves chickens, car batteries, a straight jacket, a giant cigarette, feats of mind reading & a little fun filled danger. Matthew DiSero thrives on taking the Boredom out of the Boardroom! Meetings and events should be exciting, especially when your guests or employees ARE the show.Talent buyers the world over regularly hire Matthew because he is consistently funny, entertaining and on target with their audiences.

Kenny Shaw is a multi-talented entertainer from Vancouver Island, with a reputation for drawing an audience into his wacky world of high-powered comedy and music, comical skits, and hilarious one-liners that leave them rolling in the aisles! Kenny tailors his performance based on your wishes and your audience demographics, combining your choice of music, (R&B, Country, Rock & Roll or?) with his natural wit and keep your audience entranced. Performing at corporate events, conventions, or major music fests, Kenny Shaw will draw your audience into his wacky world of high-powered comedy and music. His performances are liberally laced with crafty impressions, hysterical comedy and incredible musical tributes to classic artists. Hysterically funny presentations and just a touch of the wild side, Kenny Shaw is guaranteed to make your event a huge success!

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