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How You Can Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Events

double-vision_magicWhen it comes to booking entertainment, event planners often have a difficult time finding entertainment that is unique. An audience can have varying tastes, and a single form of entertainment does not always entertain everyone. One great option is to to hire a Magic Comedian as the their act is visual.

Today’s comedy magicians deliver carefully crafted performances complete with audience participation, illusions, and astounding magic. And, when the magician is hilarious, it makes the experience much more fun. A magic comedian can offer different types of performance packages for different types of events. Whether it is a corporate event, private event, wedding, trade show, or another function, a magic comedian can help make an event truly memorable.

A magic comedian can perform “roaming” magic (mix and mingle) amongst the guests, performing interactive sleight-of-hand magic. Table magic is up close and personal. Bending tricks such as bending a spoon are the most popular close up magician tricks. With a stage magic performance, a magic comedian will perform larger than life magic and illusions. The stage enables the magician to perform elaborate stunts, illusions, and extravagant tricks. In addition, stage performances allow members of the audience a chance to participate and be part of the magic show.

Double Vision is Canada’s only identical twin magic act! For over 20 years Double Vision, Mitchell and Michael, have performed across North America and they bring that experience to your event. Double Vision does stage shows and strolling magic at corporate events, theme parks, trade shows, grand openings, and exhibitions. They take full advantage of the identical twin aspect and because of this, you’ll see many routines in their shows that are unique to them. Another benefit to any Double Vision Magic performance is that audience participation is a large part of every show. Whether demonstrating the incredibly funny mental connection between twins or releasing the hidden entertainer in their volunteers, Double Visions stage show is something you won’t soon forget. Why have just another magic act, when you can experience Double Vision!

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