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Humour Alleviates Workplace Stress & Improves Relationships


It is said that to keep a person feeling good all day long, one needs to have twelve good laughs a day. A good laugh can effectively get rid of stress in a busy and hectic workplace. Many companies are now realizing the importance of incorporating humour in the lives of their workers. The benefits that good humor can bring to the work atmosphere helps to make the environment happier, healthier, and more productive which is all good for the business bottom line.

When applying humour for workers, a great number of businesses are now hiring comedians to perform at their various events such as conferences, christmas parties, conventions, awards dinners, etc. It is a good strategy to lighten the mood and reinvigorate employees. Shared humour at an event strengthens relationships in the workplace and helps to promote camaraderie among employees. A good dose of laughter resulting from a hilarious comedian performance is stimulating and refreshing. The use of good humour can actually help iron out workplace conflicts and open up the lines of good communication.

At corporate entertainers our Regina comedians are a good way to provide quality entertainment to your company’s employees and at the same time effectively raise their morale and bring them together for fun and laughter. Regina comedians have extensive experience in areas such as ventriloquism, magic and stand-up comedy, plus many more. For more information on our roster of Regina comedians please visit:

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