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Husband & Wife Mentalist Team Astound Audiences With Show

the_evasons_duoPrepared to Be Wonderstruck by the Evasons!

It’s not often that we can say our entertainers defy logic, but when it comes to the Evasons, it’s true! The husband and wife team put on a show that’s seemingly impossible with mind-boggling feats of levitation, prediction, mind reading, and telekinesis; yet, with no plants, confederates, or hidden communication devices, Jeff and Tessa Evason are the real thing.

What they don’t claim to be are psychics or magicians, as neither Jeff nor Tessa suggest that they have any supernatural powers enhancing their shows. They’re able to touch audience members and reveal unknown details about them purely through the powers of intuition and the magical arts. So great are these powers that audiences are continually shocked and amazed by their interactive shows. In fact, past audience members have called them downright spooky!

They put on a polished and professional one-of-a-kind show that has astounded audiences from all around the world in over 28 countries. Jeff and Tessa’s bewildering show has taken them all over the Middle East, Asia, the Canadian Arctic, and North America. Internationally, they’ve worked on the world’s largest cruise ships, including Holland American and Disney. They’ve even been featured on popular television shows such as Fox’s Powers of the Paranormal, NBC’s The World’s Greatest Magic, and the Discovery Channel’s Grand Illusions.

Wherever they perform, the Evasons always surprise and awe their audiences. Without the help of any assistants or technological devices, Tessa is able to identify things like your full birthdate, serial numbers on the cash in your wallet, or the name of your best friend. Through her eerie extra-sensory perception and powers of prediction, Tessa leaves audiences completely wonderstruck – and waiting for more!

In an experience like no other, the Evasons can customize their remarkable shows for your specific event, industry, and audience, tailoring their act so that it’s perfect for any occasion. Always funny and interactive, the couple puts on a truly entertaining show. Whether they’re performing at a casino show room, a cruise ship stage, or a corporate event, audiences watch with child-like wonder as they’re taken in by this amazing mentalist duo.

It’s hard not be when Tessa and Jeff are levitating people out of their chairs with no strings attached or predicting what can be found in a random audience member’s purse. Even sceptics will be left wondering how they could put on a show like they do; however, with a $100,000 prize to anyone who can find a concealed communication device or plant, they can be assured it isn’t through trickery. Chances are, believers and sceptics alike will be left wondering long after the show ends.

Whether or not your audience will believe in their amazing ESP abilities, the Evasons always put on a captivating, comedic, charming, and uncanny show. If you’re ready to create a sense of wonder and enthusiasm at your next function, gala, or keynote, be sure to contact one of our agents. We can get in touch with the Evasons and book them in time for your upcoming event. So give us a call if you’re ready to challenge your beliefs with a mind-blowing act.

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