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Improv Comedy As A Useful Business Skills Training Tool


When it comes to team building workshops and training seminars, improv comedy is about more than just being funny. Improvisation that is used in business skills training programs is all about being present in the moment and focused, and then adapting and reacting. The skills used in improv are the same skills business professionals need to be successful. In other words, both require being able to work well in a team when there is pressure, effectively listen, think on their feet, quickly innovate and create, and communicate effectively.

Improvisation can teach business professionals teamwork and leadership skills, negotiation skills, as well as skills in creativity, innovation, communication, and reacting in a positive and productive way to sudden, unplanned events. An improv hosted workshop with fun instructors make learning key business skills fun. Improv workshops can build confidence and morale, improve teamwork, and ultimately improve the bottom line. Whether it is a big corporation or small business, comedy improv training is very helping groups build a strong, cohesive team.

At Corporate Entertainers, we feature some of the best Improv Comedy Teams. Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is a leading Canada corporate entertainment and training organization in British Columbia.. RPS is where great minds come to laugh, learn and play–from the stage to the boardroom; and from the convention hall to the classroom. They perform hundreds of live comedy shows and conduct celebrated training and team building workshops from coast to coast. Rock Paper Scissors one-of-a-kind customized improv shows, game shows, and talk shows, are guaranteed to light up a room with laughter.They ignite imaginations by providing customized material that is relevant and responsive to the current needs and critical challenges of your organization.

RPS brings passion, play, and core business principles to your corporate training and entertainment needs.When you book a custom tailored improv show, Rock Paper Scissors interviews you to find out about your group and its members. Then they create a show to suit your needs. The show can incorporate all aspects of your group, or they can zero in on one individual honoring a personal milestone. You and your organization can gain a creative edge while sharpening skills development in performance, leadership, conflict resolution, planning, communication, diversity, and team building. Their workshops are fun, funny, and interactive. They will make your convention, meeting, milestone, or special event a talked about classic for years to come. For more information on Rock Paper Scissors, please visit:

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