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Interested in Increasing Trade Show Traffic?

anders_magicIf you are trying to come up with new ideas to draw in crowds to your trade show booth, why not hire a professional entertainer? Experienced trade show entertainment will help to create a lively and fun atmosphere at your trade show booth and also work with your sales people to deliver key information to visitors about your product or business.

Visitors who are drawn to a trade show booth due to the amusing presentation of a magician will not only enjoy the performance but also learn about the product or service being offered. Entertainers who are experienced working at trade shows with various types of businesses understand the need to ensure the right message and image is properly incorporated into the booth show. They also know how to work the crowd to help generate leads. Their appeal and humour can help drive massive traffic to your booth, as well as promote awareness of a company and its products or services.

There are a variety of different types of entertainers you can hire for a trade show, the key is to make sure that the entertainer you hire has experience working trade shows. At Corporate Entertainers, we have a wide selection of entertainers with trade show experience.  Magician Anders is one of those acts with trade show experience both in Canada and the United States.  For more information please visit

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