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Jen Grant Combines Hilarious Jokes With Crowd Interaction

For Clean, Relatable, Observational Comedy, You Can’t Go Wrong With Jen Grant

Sometimes, it’s best to forget about covering more policy, announcing new directions, or holding workshops, and to simply let your employees or co-workers have a good, stress-relieving laugh. When an evening of hilarity is in order, schedule a visit from Jen Grant: a great observational comedian with a unique take on contemporary issues who’ll have your team rolling in the aisles.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Jen performed her first gigs at Yuk Yuk’s on Albert Street before moving on to New York City, where she opened for major stars such as Louis CK, Robert Klein, and Jim Bruer. Now residing in (and happily travelling from) Toronto, she’s got sixteen years of amazing comedy experience and credits under her belt, and is still going strong. A past performer at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, Winnipeg’s Comedy Festival, Vancouver’s International Comedy Festival, Newfoundland’s Screech Comedy Festival, and Halifax’s ComedyFest, she’s also got her own solo, televised special on The Comedy Network.

Jen is one of those comedians who make Canadian audiences proud. She was the very first Canadian finalist ever in the big-league Boston Comedy Competition (though her nominations don’t end their — she was a finalist for The Great Canadian Laugh Off, and nominated for “Best Female Comedian” at the Canadian Comedy Awards). She’s also taken her talents overseas to perform for our hardworking Canadian Forces stationed in Israel and Egypt over the Christmas season of 2004.

Toronto Life named Jen one of Toronto’s “five funniest people,” which is obviously a major compliment, considering the wealth of talented comedians who call Toronto home. The magazine praised her “tart-tongued” style and “wry edge,” which is another way of saying that Jen’s unafraid of sharp, hilarious critiques of social foibles, dumb trends, and obnoxious people. In other words, she’s always ready to call it like it is, but in ways that work perfectly for any kind of corporate audience (so if that means clean as a whistle, then you’ve got it). She’s a pro at audience interaction and for dialing up the humour even more by singling out certain members of the crowd. Know any hapless members of staff who’d be perfect in the front row?

With a new comedy album available for digital download on iTunes and website — a CD entitled, Nobody Likes Your Homemade Wine, and with cheeky track titles like “You look tired,” “Loser friend,” and “Beer and vodka” — you can get a sense of Jen’s comedic style long before you book her. If you want another helpful dose of what Jen does best, be sure to tune in to CBC’s The Debaters, the hit radio series that pits hilarious personalities against each other to determine a contentious (and often wonderfully inane) slice of pop culture — and recorded before a live studio audience.

All you’ve got to do is call us to book Jen now, and your next function will become the memorable, relaxing, and warm event you need it to be! We’re waiting for your call, so don’t delay!


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