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Keep The Proceedings Lighthearted & Fun With A Game Show

live_game_showsAdd A Little Healthy Competition To Your Event With A Game Show

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. In fact, in today’s office it’s the key to building morale and motivating the workforce. At your next event, it’s the secret to keeping everyone involved and engaged, eliminating any chance of daydreaming during the proceedings. Ice breakers and trust exercises are certainly one way to go about inspiring engagement, but they won’t necessarily inspire the fun that you want for your event. With that in mind, take an unconventional approach to your event’s entertainment. Ditch the trite corporate activities for a live game show.

There’s a high chance that everyone on staff is at least familiar with shows like Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune. It’s more than likely that many of your colleagues follow these shows, playing along with the contestants from the cushions of their couch. Now they can be a competitor of their very own game, experiencing what it’s like to compete in front of a live studio audience – aka their office mates and colleagues. Just take a look at our game show style entertainers, like Game Show Mania and Jeparody – Live!

Game Show Mania brings the game show to your event, modelling their format off of many of your favourite trivia-themed game shows. They take the best bits of every game and combine them to make a entertaining break from the corporate status quo. Just like what you see on TV, Game Show Mania will call down pre-arranged contestants or randomly choose members of the audience to participate. These contestants can play on their own or in teams, depending on how many people you want on stage at once. If you want everyone to get a chance to play, that’s no problem. With the ability to run for two hours, Game Show Mania can give up to 64 audience members a chance to play—and win it all!

To be deemed the reigning player or team, participants have to answer general trivia questions as well as more specific questions customized for your company and industry. Game Show Mania can create these questions or you can provide them yourself. You can make it as challenging or as goofy as you like. Combined with the official scoring board, buzzers, elaborate backdrops, and the charming host, your questions will seem like a legitimate game show—not just a pub quiz or trivia board game.

You can have your very own Alex Trebek visit your event if you hire Jeparody – Live! Able to accommodate as few as two contestants or as many as 1,200 participants, they’re a great choice regardless of your event’s size. Just like the Jeopardy you’re familiar with, contestants will stay in the game for as long as they can offer the right answer, gaining points for their team as they go; but if a particularly brainy participant is able to answer all of the questions, other teams can use their accumulated points to oust the company’s Ken Jennings.

With over 15 different group games, Jeparody – Live! Has a collection of questions that can stump or impress your audience. Their games include themes like Name That Song, Pictionary, 20 Questions, and Charades. You can also include customized questions to include topics specific to your office, meeting, and industry.

Taking a break from your event to participate in a real game show is one of the best ways to engage your audience, lighten the mood, and have some fun. We can help you arrange the game show of your choice. All you have to do is give us a call when you start planning your event. We’ll get in touch with Game Show Mania, Jeparody – Live!, or any other entertainer you have in mind. Together, we’ll generate some friendly competition between your colleagues and get the fun started!

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