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Key Points To Remember When Planning Summer Events

greek_comedianWith the warmer weather fast approaching, it is time to think about event planning that fits the spring and summer seasons. During these warm, sunny seasons, more corporate events are held outdoors and there are many outdoor community events and festivals. When planning there are a number of key points to keep in mind to ensure a fun outdoor event that is unique and equally successful.

With a little imagination there are many great outdoor locations to host an event. A parking lot picnic and barbecue for employees is a great way to give them a fun afternoon break. As well, it is always fun to hold an employee baseball game at a ball park. Other popular event venues include: beach party, lakeshore party, sport activity at a local park, and a golf event at a golf club. Another unique location is a visit to the local winery that includes outdoor wine tasting.

When hosting an outdoor event, give everyone a surprise when you hire a comedian or by booking corporate entertainment. Corporate entertainers such as corporate comedians, comedy magicians, improv comedians, variety entertainers, and musical impersonators, can add more fun, excitement, and reduce stress as everyone can laugh, relax, and share in the good time together.

Now is the time to start planning spring and summer events. At Corporate Entertainers, we have a diverse roster of terrific corporate entertainers. Angelo Tsarouchas is a Greek-Canadian Comedian and Actor. Known as The Hitman of Hilarity, Angelo has more than just a pretty mobster face. Angelo has taken his in-your-face style all around the world, cracking up audiences everywhere he goes! He will share his ambition and humour with audiences who will identify with his will to succeed. A freight train that isn’t stopping lil’ Tsarouchas is headlining all over the world.

Angelo Tsarouchas’s material appeals to an incredibly wide range of audiences. From the start you like Angelo Tsarouchas, everyone knows him, everyone wants to be his friend, and that’s why he is in high demand year round. His ability to connect with audiences everywhere keeps this generously proportioned funnyman in demand. For more information on Angelo Tsarouchas, please visit:

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