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Laugh At Triviality & Reflect On Profundity With Bill Carr

Catch Contagious Inspiration From Bill Carr’s Profoundly Funny Performances

Comedian, actor, journalist, and motivational speaker, Bill Carr is just one of our many Halifax-based performers who can ensure your upcoming workshop, keynote, meeting, or celebration is entertaining — and truly motivating! — from start to finish. A veteran of radio, television, advertising and theatre, and a deeply committed volunteer and fundraiser, Bill has a knack for connecting with audiences of all stripes and for helping people stay positive, motivated, happy, and all with renewed energy.

The great thing about Bill is his range of expertise; no matter how you run your company and whom you employ, there’s bound to be a talk that’s relevant for your team.

Ask for Bill’s “Talking in Circles” topic if you think your crew would benefit from some advice when it comes to meaningful communication. Bill presents a compelling presentation built from his research in communication theory and neuroscience to help people communicate across generations, languages, perspectives, and philosophies. Providing awesome techniques and practices, he’ll have your workforce forging deeper ties, listening to one another empathetically, discussing projects in productive teams, and eliminating old barriers to effective dialogue.

When you request Bill’s “Work Inspired” workshop or keynote, your team will learn how to stay creative, enthusiastic, optimistic, and refreshed even in stressful or confusing times of change. He touches on how the brain can best thrive in turbulent times, and how we can navigate the more toxic elements of life in positive ways. This is a talk for those who need a new perspective, and takes advantage of both mindfulness practice as well as plain practical advice.

This is similar to Bill’s “Acting Up: Creating Your Future with a Positive Approach to Change” workshop, which (as the title suggests) is all about inspiring people to tap in to their own creative potentials, dispel lingering cultural myths about creativity, be open to more ‘outside of the box’ thinking, and banish the status quo that so often bogs down an office or corporate culture. Bill believes that everyone has the potential to be a creative force in their career or vocation — they just need to get motivated and believe in their own potential, too!

Regardless of which talk Bill gives, he’s always able to create material and cover subject matter relevant to your organization and your employees’ concerns and interests. He’s a veteran at tailoring complex material to suit your particular requests, giving your staff a unique experience based on his collaborative approach with event organizers. He’s also a natural comedian with a fantastic sense of humour, a warm and generous presence, and an engaging way of bringing out the best in just about any audience.

To book Bill Carr today, all you’ve got to do is pick up the phone and call, or send us a brief email. We’ll be in touch soon to help you get your event off the ground with another amazing speaker!


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