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Laughter Has Physical, Psychological, & Social Benefits

Make Laughter Your Number One Priority This Year

Ask anyone with an ear to pop culture, and they’ll tell you that laughter is good for you. It’s the “best medicine,” they’ll say; it firms up belly fat, helps maintain good circulation, and keeps the heart healthy, adding years to our lives. However, aside from some benefits surrounding blood flow—more oxygenation, less inflammation, less aggravation—laughter itself isn’t some magical cure-all. Anyone claiming that laughing has grandiose physical health benefits simply hasn’t done her research, or is reciting what you hear in the media to move products.

Nevertheless, laughter is still extremely important—and intrinsic—to the human experience, and does indeed have other benefits that can’t be ignored. Laughter is an overwhelmingly social experience; when we’re alone, the rate and the enthusiasm with which we chuckle or guffaw drops dramatically. It’s quite literally contagious, but only in a social context. Laughter is used to facilitate social situations, ease awkwardness or anxiety, express affection and attraction, and assist in supporting or toppling power structures. It’s used as a bonding mechanism for groups—without it, real connections and lasting relationships can’t be made. We’re never fully at ease with other people if we can’t laugh with them, and we’re never going to form an intimate bond with a humourless automaton.

There are other health benefits, but not of a physical kind. Laughter has been linked to mental health and wellbeing for many years. It relaxes us, reduces negative stress, and even allows us to work through negative emotional situations by giving us better sleep, higher brain functions, and boosts our creativity. It can be a cathartic release to tension and hard-to-handle scenarios, a coping mechanism for the things that would otherwise overwhelm us. Without a hearty laugh, we run the risk of bottling up negativity and stress, allowing them to find expression in unconstructive or damaging ways. It can even allow us to endure more pain and discomfort than we’d otherwise be able to—it’s a powerful narcotic, a painkiller that subdues rough periods and makes things more bearable.

For your next corporate event, consider the powerful bonding, socializing, stress-alleviating, and mood-improving functions of group laughter. Allow your employees to drop their guard, release pent up frustration, make (or renew) friendships, and relax after a particularly tough season. The best way to do this—without getting up on a stage with a microphone yourself!—is to arrange an event headlined by a professional comedian through the help of our expert planners at Corporate Entertainers. We can help you find the right act for your specific mix of people and ensure that you have everyone in a great mood. We’re certain that you’ll notice your office or staff’s demeanor change upon sharing a particularly funny act: it’ll get them talking, bonding, sharing, and laughing all over again, promising renewed commitments and revitalized enthusiasm come Monday morning.

A bonded workforce makes for a more pleasant, supportive, inspiring, and less anxious environment, and your key to deep collegial bonds is that very simple, elemental part of the human experience: laughter! So don’t delay when planning a corporate event—get in touch with us today to keep the laughs coming and to make your employees and co-workers very, very happy!

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