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Let Matthew DiSero Deliver Comedy & Magic at Your Next Event

matt_disero_comedianMatthew DiSero – a Perfect Blend of Magic & Comedy

All too often performers who combine comedy and magic in their acts are the ones you want to steer clear of. Masters of neither form, they’re mediocre comedians and second-rate magicians.  Their shows fall flat with jokes that are poorly delivered and tricks that aren’t imaginative. It’s rare then, to find such exceptional showmanship in a comedian and magician as you can with Matthew DiSero. He’s genuinely hilarious and his unique feats of magic and mentalism leave audiences completely wonderstruck – and always wanting more! He stands ahead of the pack with an innate ability to connect and delight his audience.

Matthew has toured with the world with comedy greats. Opening for the likes of Drew Carey, Victoria Jackson, and Jerry Seinfeld, he has experience performing before large crowds with big expectations. From Atlantic City to Sydney to Tokyo and everywhere in between, Matthew has left corporate crowds and Fortune 500 companies totally amazed and impressed. No matter where his next performance takes him, he always delivers on creative, awe-inspiring, and downright funny tricks.

In what seems like an effortless and improvisational show, Matthew blends comedy with magic to create a hilariously interactive evening. It’s built entirely on audience participation, and he guides his volunteered participants through funny and often unusual antics. But don’t worry – Matthew never relies on cheap tricks or embarrassing humour to get a laugh out of his audience. He doesn’t have to; his skills and abilities as a traditional magician, comedian, and mentalist are enough to warrant laughs and wonder without resorting to cruel tactics. His personal brand of humour is fun, clean, and welcoming, so everyone can enjoy the show.

In the past, Matthew has worked with philanthropic organizations and charities like Unicef and SoChange. He’s also a huge fan of golf and has performed at celebrity golf tournaments like the Bell Canadian Open and the Curtis Joseph Golf Classic to help raise money for the SickKids Foundation. No stranger to producing and performing shows in order to raise money for a good cause, Matthew partners well with any charitable organization or humanitarian foundation.

Regardless of your industry or your event’s purpose, his extensive experience and various interests make it possible for him to completely customize any show for your unique function. He can tailor his performance to fit with your specific audience and your event’s goals, incorporating key details about a new sales techniques, products, or services into his show. However he personalizes his routine, you know you’re in for a mesmerizing evening of hilarity and wonder. He considers his job of ‘taking the boredom out of the boardroom’ serious, and Matthew’s on-stage antics, feats of mentalism, and spectacular tricks are a perfect way to breathe fresh new energy into any event.

When you’re ready to hire a magician-cum-comedian who can revitalize, surprise, and impress your crowd, think about hiring Matthew DiSero. Whether it’s for a golf event, charity fundraiser, or a corporate function, Matthew’s a perfect fit. To lock him in before anyone else reserves his time, give us a call. It’s that easy to get the best name in corporate entertainment who can mix humour and magic so effortlessly.

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