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Let The All-Star Lineup Of March Hare Impress Your Crowds

March HareHire Vancouver’s ‘Super Group’, March Hare

Sometimes, when colleagues get together, it’s not to pour over figures and grafts or to talk about adopting new sales and customer service techniques. While there’s a time and place for these dry topics, sometimes, you just need to have a little fun. It could be for Halloween, Christmas, or just a random evening in the middle of the year. Whatever it is, if your upcoming event is mostly an excuse for colleagues to get together and blow off a little steam, then choose no other than March Hare to be your soundtrack to your evening of fun.

March Hare is British Columbia’s foremost show band and tribute act covering all of your favourites. From Ray Charles to Supertramp to Pearl Jam to Katy Perry – you name it, they play it. And with enthusiasm! Just like their name suggests, their shows are as mad as a March hare. Not content just to play the top hits, they perform a fast-paced and crazy show that’s guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing. From zany costumes to hilarious banter, March Hare puts on the ultimate cover band experience.

It all started with Dan Hare, Andy Smyth, and Ian Paxton, who all toured the world separately with their own successful bands. Now joined by Jenny Moase, they travel North America as a powerhouse of a showband, entertaining the top corporations and organizations like Re/Max, Toyota, and the Whitecaps.

In what’s often called a stunning and authentic recreation of the hits, March Hare takes you on a magical journey through time. Every style of the last 60 years gets some attention at their shows, as they explore the early days of rock, the British Invasion, Motown, 70s glam rock, disco, 80s new wave, and all of the 90s pop music that happens to be your office’s guilty pleasure. But don’t worry, the hits of yesterday get no more attention than the songs that are currently killing it on the Billboards. As the west coast’s most versatile showbands, they’re just as good at Gaga and Jessie J as they are Madonna and the Bee Gees.

With such an extensive list of styles, songs, and artists under their belt, March Hare is more than comfortable playing a medley of the greatest hits for your engagement. On the other hand, they’re excited to take on any themed special event and devote their entire set to a particular band or decade. Planning a 70s themed party or wanting to relive the 80s? March Hare is your band. Their flexibility makes them the go to choice for any unique or unusual corporate get-togethers. Their versatile playing style also means no one on staff will feel left out. With every style getting some time on stage, they’re sure to play everyone’s favourites.

Whether you’re planning a special themed night or just want to have an evening of fun, March Hare is right for you. They have the musical chops, showmanship, and flair to make any night a special event. If you’re ready to get the best showband out of B.C. for your celebration, call us today. We can secure March Hare for your upcoming corporate party in no time.

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