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Live Events Generate Leads and Build Community Good Will

Build Your Brand with a Live Show

You’ve probably heard a lot about how social media, online marketing campaigns, and top of the line apps are essential to building your business. A great digital presence is essential for businesses today, but a strictly digital platform can’t do everything. Live events remain essential to any comprehensive marketing strategy. They’re a great way to bring people into your business, to make people aware of your brand, and connect with your neighbours. Businesses plan live shows for a number of reasons:

There are plenty of ideas for drawing people in, including barbecues, giveaways, game show-like contests, and above all, live acts, including cover bands, magicians, and stand up comedians. An entertainer can be the cherry on top of any party you’re planning that’s going to bring people through the door. If you’re planning something with a theme, give us a call for advice on finding the right act in your area. The team at Corporate Entertainers has decades of experience helping event planners through the process of booking live entertainment.

We work with some truly unique performers across North America, many of whom are perfect for locally sponsored free shows or fundraisers. We work with tribute bands like Vancouver’s ABBA Again and Toronto’s Shania Twin, all of whom travel. One of the unique acts you can find on our roster is Game Show Mania, a group that specializes in replicating the magic of TV game shows for your events. Their act lasts for an hour and a half and they can put up to 64 people on stage in front of an audience. Their games are loosely based on TV classics like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud.

Once you’ve decided on what kind of performance will make your event special, make sure you book your act well ahead of time, as there are a number of benefits to knowing everything months (or even a year) in advance. You can include the performer in all of your promotional material, from printed posters and radio or TV spots to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Social media is a great way to start building a relationship with prospective clients, but find a way to really reel them in and turn them into leads. Social media is the lure; think of your big event as your hook. You may also want to use sponsored posts on Facebook that target your area. In addition to including the entertainer in your promotional material, you will also have plenty of time to make travel arrangements for the performer if you need them.

When you book with Corporate Entertainers, you have our team available to help you navigate all the paperwork that goes into negotiating a contract with the performer. Don’t lose sleep at night worrying about paperwork – we’ve got you covered.

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