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Looking For Corporate Dinner Entertainment Ideas?

bob_catesHiring Corporate Event Entertainers is easy with Corporate Entertainers

When planning a corporate dinner, the choice of entertainment plays a big role in the overall success of the dinner. You want to ensure that everyone has a great time, but you also want to make sure the entertainment appeals to and engages all of the guests. Fortunately, there are a number of great entertainers that are perfect for corporate dinners.

Roaming magicians can mingle among the guests during the cocktail hour or after the dinner.. Close up or table magic involves guest participation and performance of tricks and illusions directly in front of the guest. Some of the common close up tricks include such props as: card, balls, metal rings, and pen and paper. The best close up tricks involve mind reading which can involve asking the guest to imagine an object or number. The magic adds excitement to the dinner.

Juggler Comedians are a popular form of corporate entertainment. Whether it is juggling fire, balls, clubs, or another unique item, juggler comedians are the ideal choice for just about any type of event. Hiring Corporate Comedians are another great choice. The corporate comedian will personalize their program to your company, event, and people to ensure that the material is relevant, appropriate, and clean.

Contact Corporate Entertainers to review our many great corporate dinner entertainers. Canadian Juggling Champion Bob Cates also known as a physical comedian, and new vaudevillian. Cates’ memorable interactive comedy show includes advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills, black light laser effects, and a finale that you will remember for a long long time. He is one of few performers left in North America performing authentic plate spinning – his signature piece. With a show as flexible, and with as much mass-appeal as Bob Cates’ “Comedy in Motion,” it plays perfectly at corporate banquets, special events, trade shows, festivals, exhibitions, fairs, and on cruise ships.

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