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Magician Brian Glow’s Tips On Capturing Trade Show Leads

Winnipeg Magician Brian Glow is a world renowned corporate entertainer and magician who works closely with Fortune 500 companies and businesses seeking to increase their sales and message memorability. For over 35 years Brian has customized his clients’ messages and products into hilarious performances for corporate events in over 40 countries. He has performed at literally thousands of corporate events world-wide, including trade show exhibits. As a performer and a consultant for trade shows, sales meetings, product launches, etc, Brian recently offered some important insights on attracting crowds and how to keep them.

In his blog article, ‘Crowds and Leads Guaranteed!’, Brian Glow explains a number of important points to attracting and keeping crowds at trade shows. His points include:

* Serious preparation is essential with a lot of the work beginning at least several months before the show doors even open.
* Know your clients’ needs so well that pre-sell information confirms that you are the right fit for them.
* Set up ‘Reciprocity’
* Use social media \to attract attention and interest
* Booth personnel must be properly trained as well as an attractive booth design
* With psychologically enhanced questions to the audience, the entertainer or speaker can easily further determine who may be in need of potential attention by your sales staff.

Brian Glow has produced amazing productions that integrate the client’s theme, message, product or service into a customized show that goes far beyond expectation into motivation, team building and integrated learning. The ultimate goal is always of being the most memorable experience for attendees ever imaginable! Brian’s artistry adds excitement to any event as he combines a smooth and easy delivery with humor and talent, making your audience the heroes of the show, and leaving them in stitches. Utilizing Brian Glow, creator and motivator, at your next sales meeting, conference, corporate event, product launch or trade show will make it the most talked about spectacle in your company’s history. With the use of magic, illusion and comedy Brian Glow’s audiences are awed and amazed but always leave remembering his client’s message or product!

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