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Make Sure Your Office Holiday Party Is A Hit With A Comedian

How To Avoid Planning A Lame Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again! With the sudden addition of Christmas playlists on Songza and the glittering lights on the main streets, the holidays are officially on their way – which means that the dreaded annual company holiday party is too.

What’s supposed to be a celebration for another year of hard work and dedication is usually avoided by those supposedly getting rewarded. There are plenty of reasons why the company holiday party is regarded with trepidation by most. For those introverted members of the team, any party that forces socialization is a fate worse than death. For those extroverted members of the team, socializing with the same people they see day in and day out can be a drag. Add to that the timing, setting, and cost of the party and it can be a recipe for a dismally low turnout – so low that holiday parties are actually on the decline!

If you’ve been tasked with organizing the holiday party this year, you’ve been charged with a difficult mission. Anyone can plan an average celebration that people are reluctant to attend, but it takes a special someone to put on a holiday party everyone in the office will genuinely enjoy. We acknowledge that it’s not a position that many envy, so we’ve decided to help you out. Since we’ve helped thousands of corporations plan their holiday parties, we’ll let you in on a few helpful guidelines for planning your own.

Objective – Like any company meeting, it should have a clear objective. The office holiday party shouldn’t be like Frankenstein’s monster, so don’t make it an occasion to team build, train, and motivate in addition to celebrating the team. Putting so many responsibilties onto a simple holiday party is a recipe for disaster. Regardless of your budget or desired theme, make sure the focus of the occasion is simple so that no one is confused about why they should be attending.

Timing – And like most company meetings, it should be on company time. December is the busiest time of year for most of the people on staff. It can be difficult to accommodate the company’s party on the weekend or on a Friday evening. Even if people’s weekends are free, they’ll be reticent to give up the rare free time they have this month for a work get together. Schedule the party during work hours and everyone will thank you for sparing their weekends.

Budget – Regardless of how big or limited your budget is, you can’t expect anyone in the office to pay for their attendance. Just as December is an exceptionally busy time of year for most people, it can also be a financially trying month for the majority of the office. Not only will some people not be able to afford the cost of a holiday party, but it can breed feelings of resentment in an otherwise content staff. If the company can’t afford to pay for everyone’s tab at a restaurant or bar, then don’t suggest a meal-inspired party. Plan within the limits of the company’s budget and determine an appropriate setting and menu that won’t rely on the wallets of the staff.

Reward – You can meet the previous 3 guidelines and still plan a terrible party. There has to be some sort of incentive for staff to attend, and a catered room decked out in holiday-themed decorations isn’t enough. This is where our expertise as the premier corporate talent agency can help you plan the best holiday party your company has hosted. Having one of our talented, gut-busting comedians is a sure-fire way to drum up interest before the event. With a big name in comedy headlining the office party, people will think twice about declining the invitation. Your event will have direction, as everyone – the outgoing and the shy alike – will have something to focus on instead of a slew of back-to-back icebreaker games.

With such little time left before your company’s holiday party, it’s important that you get started on your planning right away. While keeping in mind our helpful suggestions, be sure to get in touch with one of our representatives. With a roster of extremely hilarious comedians backing their experience, our agents will find you a funny and office-appropriate entertainer. Together, we’ll find a comedian who will raise your holiday party from the ranks from just another lame celebration into the best party ever.


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