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Make Sure Your Performer Matches Your Event Perfectly

sheldon_casavantUnderstanding What Makes the Perfect Entertainer

While we supply some of North America’s biggest organizations and corporations with entertainment, what we do is actually a partnership. We can only provide our professional insights and experienced advice if we can understand the focus and goals of your event. That’s where you come in. You can outline your needs and expectations by providing us with key information. Armed with this knowledge, we can then narrow down your our extensive roster of talent to a handful of performers who best fit these requirements.

To make this process go a lot faster, we recommend that you spend some time thinking about your event and what entertainment you would like before you get in touch. Brainstorming can help you identify certain qualities regarding style, subject matter, or approach that your performer must have. With this profile sketched out, you can review our roster on your own, reading through performers’ biographies and testimonials, and watching their online video performances. You can also wait until you speak directly to one of our agents before you learn about our performers. We’ll provide objective recommendations towards the most suitable performers in our catalogue.

Having difficulty brainstorming on your own? That’s no problem. It can be difficult to start from scratch if you’ve never organized an event that needs corporate entertainment before. Luckily, this isn’t our first rodeo. Since 1972, we’ve been helping corporate event planners find the best performers. That’s 44 years of dedicated work in the industry – which means we can provide experienced guidance.

Start by considering the purpose of your event. Is it a celebration to commemorate a retiring employee, or is it a charity gala with the intent to raise funds for a cause? Take note of any overarching themes that would complement the occasion, agree with your company’s values, and resonate with the audience. Write down any topics that would actively clash with these qualities. By finding those topics you want to stay clear of, you’ll be able to determine if you’d prefer a clean-cut performer or one that has a bit more edge to them.

It’s also a good idea to consider the scale of your event. The size of the stage, the amount of people in attendance, and the demographics of the audience will impact which tone that would work best for the occasion. The length of the event will also affect your choice. If it will sprawl over several hours or even a couple of days, it might be a good idea to consider booking more than one entertainer.

Once you can answer these basic questions, you can search through our roster with enough confidence to create a shortlist of performers that match up with your needs and expectations. As soon as you let us know the goals of your event, we can help you narrow down your choices by offering expert insight into the names on your list. Together, we’ll find the perfect performer.

So grab a paper and pen and start brainstorming soon. We recommend that you have our website open as you do it, so you can explore our roster as you go. And don’t forget to give us a call when you’re ready to capitalize on our professional advice!

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