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Make Your Next Business Meeting A Hosted Golf Event


If you are looking for a creative way to host your next business meeting, whether for your business associates, sales team, staff, or clients, a golf event may be the solution. Golf is a fun, interactive way to integrate fun and business into one setting. Guests enjoy the game of golf and there is plenty of time to discuss business.

If you want to make your business golf event an all-day event, most golf courses are equipped to host a large event which will allow you to have a dinner and even entertainment. Just tell the golf venue the number of people attending and your itinerary so they will be able to determine your needs and if they can accommodate them. When planning the actual golfing, it is beneficial to do the golfing first, followed by the other planned events. It is also helpful to have a representative from your business in each foursome. As well, try to pair the very skilled golfers with each other so everyone has fun. Just email a query to the invited guests to find out each person’s golf skill level.

Golf events make excellent business meetings as they bring people together for both fun and business. When you have an awesome entertainer perform at the event, it will be even more of a success. Golf comedian David Merry is a veteran comedian, television personality and host, actor, master of ceremonies, magician, and certified golf professional. David offers a variety of corporate entertainment services including The Golf Comic – a package specifically designed for company and special event Golf Tournaments, as well as his value-priced corporate entertainment package which includes up to an hour of fun, close-up, sleight-of-hand magic followed later by his after-dinner, interactive, comedy stage show.

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