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Martin Dube Is A Trilingual Impressionist & Worldwide Hit!

Martin dubeYou’ll Want The French Charm Of Martin Dube For Multilingual Crowds

During large corporate functions, you could be hosting clients and employees from all over Canada – and maybe even the world! International trade necessitates an accommodating tongue, which means you could be presenting keynotes, figures, and stats in more than just one language. When French or maybe even Spanish is the second language of your business, why would you hire a monolingual entertainer? All the work you’ve put into making an inclusive function will go to waste when half of your audience members can’t understand the performance. With Martin Dube billed at your next corporate function, no one will be left out – whatever their mother tongue. Martin can deliver an astounding musical impersonation show in English, French, or Spanish!

Born and raised in Montreal, Martin started working on impressions at the very young age of 15. Since then, he’s developed a truly remarkable talent for mimicry and turned it into an international sensation. The Martin Dube Corporate and Special Event show has travelled throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe, where he’s performed in some of the most prestigious theatres in the world.

With an impressive list of accurate impressions under his belt, Martin creates the ultimate in cross-over entertainment experiences. He’ll take your audience on a journey through different genres, with tributes to Broadway, disco, and cinematic hits. When’s he not wowing the crowd with his talent for switching from style to style, he’ll entertain your guest list with interactive games like “guess that performer”. It won’t take your crowd too long to guess correctly, as he’s perfected his impressions of the biggest, most distinctive names in show business.

Versatile should be Martin’s middle name, as he’s able to perform his impressions in three major languages, and his impressive five octave vocal range allows him to personate anyone – young, old, male, or female. Your guest list will be absolutely captivated when they hear the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Elton John, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, and Tina Turner come out of his mouth. And when these big-names aren’t taking centre stage, Martin’s powerful, uplifting, and just plain fun stage presence makes for a well-rounded show guaranteed to charm any audience.

For the full experience that harkens back to entertainers of old, Martin Dube is any corporation’s best choice. His stage presence, innovative comedic harmony, and remarkable impressions will grab the attention of you crowd and won’t let go. In no matter what language you prefer – or perhaps a mixture of all three – Martin can deliver an evening your guests won’t likely forget. Indeed, he’ll leave the stage with them begging for more.

When your next function demands a little more versatility and a lot more class, don’t settle for another monolingual entertainer. Turn to Martin Dube and your entire guest list will be able to enjoy an unbelievable performance. As an internationally renowned, trilingual impressionist and humourist, Martin is an excellent choice for private events, conventions, trade shows, cruise lines, and more. Check us out online, or speak with one of our representatives today. We can get you in touch with Martin Dube and get you that much closer to hosting a perfect event.


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