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Once You Try Hiring A Live Act For Your Corporate Event You Will Never Go Back


So you’re in the midst of planning a company meeting and you’ve got a TON of decisions to make. You’re arranging discounted hotel rooms, catering, and liability insurance. Sometimes you overlook the single most important factor in your event: the people. It’s the people attending your event that determine whether it’s a success or not. It’s their ability to connect, to bond, to relate that ultimately determines whether your event is a brand building bash or a disappointing bore-fest.

Team building exercises will make your team employees feel silly. While a few energetic individuals will be empowered by trust-falls and leadership training, the silent majority will be rolling their eyes. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, team building exercises are definitely NOT the best way to build trust within your team. A more successful way of building relationships can often be by bonding through a shared experience. There’s good reason the most popular first date is dinner and a movie. The movie creates a shared experience between two strangers. The dinner gives them a forum to discuss the entertainment while getting to know each other better. The same psychology applies when planning a corporate event.

Yes you can splurge on a pricey booze-cruise or exotic trip, but you’ll get the best bang for your buck by hiring some live entertainment. It’s the absolute best way to keep your employees content while simultaneously giving valuable shared experiences. For any business located in the greater Winnipeg area it is strongly recommended that you consider hiring Winnipeg comedians or other live acts. Businesses have found that hiring comedians for corporate events gave the perfect amount of stress relief, fun, and intellectual stimulation that worked wonderfully for the group. As with most entertainment, there will be a few people in the group that the comedy won’t strike on a personal level, but it’s actually perfectly fine. Just like with the first-date movie, the point of the experience isn’t to laugh, but to create talking points to capitalize on later.

At Corporate Entertainers we are a professional talent agency who prides itself on always striving to provide the perfect performer for each event. Our staff will work closely with your team to find the right entertainer for your event and help you with the planning steps along the way to ensure that you are completely prepared when the event day arrives. From analyzing your intended audience to deciding at which point during the evening the live act will perform, our staff are experienced in creating events that come off without a hitch. Best of all, no matter where you are in the country we can help, and we have worked hard in order to be able to provide our clients with some of the best Winnipeg entertainment options available. Contact us today and get ready to make your corporate event one to remember!

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