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Plan the Best Corporate Event by Following These Top Tips

The Dos & Don’ts of Corporate Event Planning

Since we started our agency back in 1972, we’ve helped countless of organizations and event planners find the perfect entertainment for their special occasions. As we connect with some of the biggest corporate names in North America, we’ve had an insider’s look at a variety of keynotes, galas, charity events, and functions. This vantage point gives us a unique perspective on the industry, through which we’ve learnt a great deal about creating the ideal celebration. Often times, it’s as much to do with what you exclude from your event as what you add to it, which is why we’ve compiled a reliable list of dos and don’ts for planning a great party.

There are a variety of reasons why you could be planning a company-wide event, and the purpose behind each occasion will affect the details of your preparation; however, there are general rules of thumb you should keep in mind regardless of your objectives or themes. Let’s start with those that you want to avoid before we suggest some tried-and-tested dos.

Don’t charge admission
Attendance and engagement will be your biggest concerns, and they’ll also be your biggest challenges. Many people dread corporate events for the fact that they’re forced to interact and socialize with strangers or colleagues they see all too often in the office. It will be hard enough to get those people through the door without adding a surcharge on their invitation. Keep it free and you’ll increase the number of people in attendance.

Don’t schedule near a holiday
Timing plays an important part when it comes to reaching your attendance goals. Before you choose a particular date for your event, check the calendar. The date you choose shouldn’t be near any stat holidays or special deadlines.

Don’t assume the best
Part of your job as an event planner is to have a contingency plan for every outcome. It’s certainly a good idea to have a plan A, but don’t disregard the importance of having a plan B, C, and D just in case. Accidents happen and things can go wrong despite all of your plans, and it’s in your best interest to be prepared for the unexpected. You may have to think on your feet on the night of, so be flexible and creative.

Do use social media
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram aren’t just time wasters that you try your hardest to avoid during office hours. They’re a vital step in promoting your upcoming event as they’re free and accessible marketing tools. Online engagement can also help you track the success of your event, as you can see how many people interact with your specially made hashtags.

Do schedule a time for networking
There’s a social aspect to corporate events that you shouldn’t deny. For every person that dreads socializing, there are more who see that the true value of attending a meeting or conference is the chance to network with clients and colleagues. Recognize the value of setting aside time to network, and take advantage of your social media campaigns to encourage online networking too.

Do hire entertainment
While networking will play an important part in any corporate event, don’t rely too heavily on it as a means to entertain your guests. There’s only so much small talk colleagues and clients can reasonably engage in before it becomes tiring. By no means eliminate it from your schedule, but don’t make it the main event. Instead, choose a stand-up comedian or talented show band to keep them occupied.

While we can’t help find the best date for your event or manage your social media accounts, what we can do is help you find the ideal entertainer for your upcoming function. Chosen for their suitability, we take into account things like your audience, your company, and your industry before you locate the best performers for your objective. You can see the names of these entertainers on our online roster, where we’ve conveniently compiled their biographies and performance videos. You can also give us a call, and one of our agents can walk you through your choices. We look forward to working together, so we hope to hear from you soon.

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