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Planning Events – It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

When Hiring Event Entertainment Think Outside The Box

2015 is well under way (I know… we can’t believe it either). We know you probably have a few events on the horizon that you’re feverishly working on and entertainment will likely be a big part of the equation. Entertainment has the ability to deliver big value to your organization. But picking the same old styles or relying on your trusted acts won’t increase value or get more people to attend. This year needs to be a big hit. It needs to wow people. But how?

It’s time to start getting creative. Why not do something completely different? Why not think outside of the box?

The Golden Ticket: Variety Entertainment
Entertainment is a big part of an event’s success. If chosen perfectly, entertainment can:
1. Increase registration,
2. Maximize buzz and excitement,
3. Create an atmosphere of fun and joy,
4. Deliver an experience that people will talk about, and;
5. Put your event on the map for 2015!
Sticking with the oldies-but-goodies or reusing your favourite act simply won’t get the job done. When it comes to entertainment, your organization and audience expects a lot.

Why is Variety Entertainers the Right Choice?
Think back to that one concert, singer, magician or artist that blew you away. Remember that feeling of excitement, joy and euphoria? That’s what every entertainer strives for. But it’s remarkably hard to deliver. It’s what every person wants to experience. Again and again.

These highly professional and very unique entertainers are incredibly talented. By integrating more than one type of act in their performance, they create one-of-a-kind performances that leave people with their jaws on the floor and eyes wide open.

Hitting the Mark With Just About Any Audience
One of the benefits of variety entertainment is that they’re a great choice for just about any event. Whether it’s a holiday party, recognition event or a black tie affair, these entertainers deliver an experience that can meet even the most discerning of tastes.

Partnering Together to Create the Event of the Year
Selecting the right entertainer is a delicate balance of a few things, including knowing:
1. Your audience intimately,
2. Your organization’s goals and values,
3. The level of engagement desired, and;
4. The specific experience you’re trying to create.

Contact our team directly. We’ve been able to help organizations and event planners from across North America deliver an experience that people don’t forget. Take a moment to review our roster of incredibly talented variety entertainers or let us pull some ideas together for you. Lean on our expertise and think of us as your extended team!

Entertainer Michel Lauziere is a combination of inventor, acrobat, comedian, musician and juggler. He’s an artist that dazzles crowds of all ages by his humor, wit, and jaw-dropping skills.

Over the last 10 years, Michel has performed over 1000 shows. Millions of people have seen him on TV including Just For Laughs, The Arsenio Hall Show and HBO. He’s a rockstar professional and is a perfect fit for just about any event and audience.

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