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Promote Your Event Without Breaking the Bank!

You’ve secured the venue. You have your motivational speaker lined up and ready to knock your attendee’s socks off. You have entertainment booked. Your food and beverage offering is quite impressive. And you’ve set up all the necessary resources to get people registered, in their seats and having fun. Done and done.

WAIT! People don’t just magically appear (that’s even a tough act for a professional magician!). You might have everything organized, but how do you plan on filling the room? Whether you’re hosting a single event or a series of conferences across the country, to raise visibility with potential guests, you will need strong promotion.

If you have an unlimited budget, this might be easy for you. But where do you start if you’re not swimming in cash? We’ve learned over the years what works. Here are three sure-fire ways to maximize your attendance without breaking the bank:

1. Going Digital
Before diving in, boil your promotional messages and value proposition down to a sentence or two. Make it impactful and give people a reason to feel they NEED to be there.

Start by sharing your messages and registration link on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Chime in on LinkedIn groups that might be interested or create a Facebook event that can be shared with your network.

You could also write a blog that highlights all the amazing things about the event. Who’s speaking? Are there any special discounts or incentives for attending? What will people learn? Build a story that creates some intrigue!

Just don’t forget the power of your personal network. Lean on them to help get the word out – whether through social media or a designed email. Personal touch points from anyone involved can go a long way!

2. Start the PR Machine
Turn that blog into a press release that promotes the event topics, speaker, entertainment, who should attend, and any other big ticket details that will draw attention. Don’t forget to include a link back to your website and the registration page.

Send your release to online business journals, local publications, newspapers, radio and TV stations and community forums. Make sure you’re choosing wisely, because editors will only select material if they feel their audience will benefit.

3. Give a Little, Get a Lot!
Reach out to location businesses, organizations and media to help promote your event. Offering to feature their logo, services or products in your promotional material or on location can entice them to help get the word out and draw more attention to your event. It’s about tapping into audiences you would otherwise not have access to.

Lean on the Experts
We have been helping event planners across North America create unforgettable events for years. Contact us directly if you need some advice about which speakers are right for your event and how you can maximize your attendance.

A successful event starts with having people in the seats!

big_daddy_tazzFEATURED ENTERTAINER: Big Daddy Tazz

Often described as one of the most talented comics in the business, Big Daddy Tazz has been delighting crowds at fundraisers, corporate events, festivals and on television for more than a decade and a half. Tazz is equal parts comedian, and motivational speaker who likes to enlighten, educate, and inspire.

He will certainly add BIG value to any event you’re planning this year.

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