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Recognize And Reward Your Team With Top Entertainment

dont_mind_usRecognize & Reward Your Team with Top Corporate Entertainers

Every organization and company knows that a team that works well together is much more motivated and productive. Having a team that works well together will help to not only boost profits, but will also help a company get through a particularly challenging time. To keep a team motivated and focused, it is important to provide rewards to let them know they are appreciated and highly valued. Offering special rewards is essential to boosting employee self-esteem, confidence, creativity, and loyalty.

There are a number ways to reward a team. You can either recognize employees publicly or privately. This can be done on-site through the giving of gifts or acknowledging them at a staff meeting. However, recognizing employees publicly is a popular choice. This can be done by throwing a party in their honour, hosting an awards banquet, providing a night of entertainment, or hosting a special fun activity. All of these employee reward options can do wonders in promoting team camaraderie, showing appreciation, and recognizing the team as essential assets to the company.

No matter how you plan to reward your team, the event will be even more memorable with entertainment. At Corporate Entertainers we have fabulous entertainers who can make an employee recognition event even more special.

Jeparody Live – Imagine how much fun employees will have playing.  Jeparody Live is round after round of fast-paced competition that’s fun for everyone! Enjoy all of the action as contestants try to out-wit and out-guess each other for the right answers. The game is played over 1 – 6 rounds where one team will come out victorious, is completely customizable and can be played by 2 to 1200 people of any age. The game can be played in as little as 45 minutes or can cover up to 2½ hours depending on your events needs. For the ultimate in game customization questions can be changed to include topics on your company, organization, event, etc.!

Don’t Mind Us comedy improv is always a lot of fun. Don’t Mind Us is a two person clean comedy improv show based entirely on audience suggestion. These two talented, professional performers have entertained countless corporate and convention audiences with their unique, tasteful and thoroughly enjoyable clean improv comedy. Don’t Mind Us can present a customized, individualized and personalized show for your organization. A variety of humorous set-ups can be used to involve key people from your organization. Specific situations from your workplace or your industry can be worked into this clean improv comedy show. Audiences love their improvised and spontaneous comedy; their intelligent, tasteful style; and their interaction with audience members.

Comedian David Merry – If you are hosting a golf employee event, David Merry is the ideal entertainment choice. David offers a variety of corporate entertainment services including THE GOLF COMIC – a package specifically designed for company and special event Golf Tournaments, as well as his value-priced corporate entertainment package which includes up to an hour of fun, close-up, sleight-of-hand magic followed later by his after-dinner, interactive, comedy stage show. David Merry is also a sought-after comedic host/emcee and is frequently hired for a wide variety of events including award evenings, golf banquets, fund raising events, and more.

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