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Reserve Brent Butt Early for Your Corporate Event

brent_buttThe Multi-Talented Brent Butt Will Enliven Your Event

Does your corporate event need a little slice of Dog River? Yes, you heard right, you can book a live show with the writer, creator, and star of Corner Gas, the most popular comedy to ever come out of Canada. It would not be an exaggeration to describe the inimitable Brent Butt as a multi-talented comic genius. In addition to Corner Gas, he’s also written and starred in the TV show Hiccups, as well as silver screen offerings Corner Gas: The Movie and No Clue, a private eye parody. Complete your big corporate function with one of the best known names in comedy; Brent Butt is available through Corporate Entertainers.

When you book a big name like Brent Butt for your corporate event, you’re bound to generate some buzz. Don’t think that you can’t get them, either; in today’s economy, live performances have become many performers’ primary source of revenue. You can schedule even the biggest names in comedy to perform at trade shows, conferences, and corporate functions. Brent Butt travels out of Vancouver to entertain audiences from coast to coast, all across North America.

Butt hails from a tiny rural town in Saskatchewan, and made his first club appearance in Saskatoon, or as he calls it, “the city.” As he tells it, he first learned the art of humor hanging out in his small town’s coffee shop, killing time with his boyhood friends. His style can fit any occasion, and he’s happy to say that he can adapt to audiences wherever he finds them, whether it’s a late night show at an underground night club or a polished performance in front of hundreds of corporate professionals. Having grown up in a family of jokers, he lives and breathes comedy, and he always leaves his crowds laughing. He’s also been known to compose the occasional song, like the fan-favourite, “Nothing Rhymes with Saskatchewan.”

After Brent Butt’s modest origins in a Saskatoon club, he moved to Toronto where he frequently took to the stage of Yuk Yuk’s, turning into a headline act. It wasn’t long before he was dominating the stage at Montreal’s iconic Just for Laughs Festival, starring in his own showcase performance. In 2005, he hosted a gala performance for Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate Saskatchewan’s centennial, appearing alongside comedy icon and Regina native Leslie Neilsen. He’s also been honoured with the Comedy Network Sir Peter Ustinov Award, a prestigious achievement he shares with the likes of Eugene Levy and John Cleese. He’s made a number of small appearances on television from The Kids in the Hall to The X-Files, but ever since Corner Gas his career has taken on new heights.

The good news is, he’s still available for live performances including special events, casino shows, trade shows, celebrity speaking, and conventions. Keep in mind that if you want Brent Butt to appear at your event, you had better book well in advance. As one of the hottest names in comedy today, he’s in high demand. Call to ask about availability and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your event is the highlight of the year.

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