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Reward Your Team for Their Hard Work with Hilarious Stand-up

Celebrate the End of Q1 with a Party

You don’t need to wait until the official end to your first quarter to know how well your team performed. The approximate numbers are already in, and you’ve hit all of your targets for the beginning of the year. In fact, with just over 3 weeks left of Q1, the business is on its way to surpassing all of its first quarter goals – which means you’ll be in great shape for Q2.

And it’s all thanks to your employees. Without their hard work and dedication to pursuing clients and closing deals, there’s no way you would be where you are today. You’re lucky enough to have a cohesive team that communicates, collaborates, and sometimes even competes with one another. When your employees are such an integral part of your company’s success, it’s important that you demonstrate to your team just how important they are; show your appreciation by hosting a quarter-end celebration!

Taking a little time to celebrate hard work and success is an essential part of any business and will go a long way in creating an open, friendly, and dependable corporate culture. By scheduling an evening when everyone comes together – colleagues and management alike – any barriers in communication due to hierarchy will break down. It’s also a great way to burn off stress after a long quarter of hard work. But more importantly, it will prove to your employees that their efforts are noticed and valued.

As you search out fun and interesting ways to give thanks to your team, don’t feel pressured to put on the biggest, best party of the year. Your end-of-quarter bash doesn’t have to live up to the corporate parties held by Richard Branson. The self-made billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group has a lot more resources and eccentricities than you do. You don’t have to celebrate at his levels in order to put on a good party, but you should organize something other than a catered meal at lunchtime.

That’s where we come in. For the past 44 years, we’ve been helping corporations celebrate and entertain their crew of talented employees. Over that time, we’ve connected our clients with the best comedians, musicians, impersonators, sport personalities, and show bands of North America. And we can find the perfect entertainer on our roster to help you and your team have fun.

You can take a look at our online catalogue to get a feel for the type of entertainers that we can offer, narrowing down your search by location, budget, and performance style. If time is short, you can send off a quick request form to see if your chosen performer is available for your event. Or, if you prefer to speak over the phone, one of our agents is available to take your call. While we have you on the phone, we’ll get to the crux of your celebration, so that we can suggest our top performers for the event.

Imagine – a night of side-splitting comedy from one of the continent’s highest rated comedians. Or an all-night dance party with one of our musical tribute acts. Whichever route you decide to take, it’s guaranteed to make for a fun and memorable evening. So when you’re ready to take the time to appreciate the hard work that went into Q1, give us a call. We’ll help you celebrate right!

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