Amazing Game Show

Amazing Game Show
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Amazing Game Show provides fun and excitement for everyone at your event with their favorite TV Game Shows

Imagine the LIVE Game Show experience at your event or venue. Your guests will applaud, cheer, and laugh as they win prizes just like you see on your favourite TV Game Shows. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, The Amazing Game Show will travel anywhere in Canada to entertain your guests.

The Amazing Game Show has several games to choose from, or you can combine games. They are:

  • AGS Trivia
  • Win it in a Minute
  • The Amazing Feud
  • Take It Er’ Leave It
  • Mini Games

Why Choose The Amazing Game Show?

Corporate events, trade shows, festivals, social events, casino promotions, fundraisers, college campus events, and team building training are just a few of the popular applications for our Amazing Game Show. Not only is it an exciting and fun experience, but the Amazing Game Show is ideal for integrating team play and team building skills mixed with audience interaction to create a fantastic live game show experience for your guests!

How The Amazing Game Show Works

We can do a game show in 30min, 45, 60, 80, 90 or longer with breaks. Large Video Screens and Real Game Show Podiums, plus we add fun booby prizes for that added comedy effect. We have many other games you can choose from, just like the game shows you see on TV. Let us know what that is and we can make it happen. We want to help you to make your event a success. Let us know what you have in mind and we can help you pick the right game show for your group.

Amazing Game Show Games

AGS Trivia

A trivia game that is only determined by your imagination. Basic easy trivia and challenging trivia, sports, history, pop culture, TV, movies, music, video, and pictures. We can customize trivia for your group. It can be played with our large game show podiums in teams or with individuals. We also have wireless key pads where everyone can play at the same time or lockout mode where you can play in teams or individuals. bonus points for, dancing, challenges and extra trivia. Let the games begin!!! Let us know what type of energy level you want and we can deliver that.

Win it in a Minute

Play in teams or as individuals. We play popular games you see on TV and our own custom games that we have made. We also do challenges in team relay, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 3 minutes and last man standing, team vs. team, best of 3 and other variations.

The Amazing Feud

Name Something fun to do at your special event? Number one answer IS – The Amazing Game Show presents The Amazing Feud. With a few twists it’s just like the TV show played in teams. We can add in extra challenges and trivia for extra bonus points, we can even add sing along and a dance off. It all depends on what type of energy level you want. Our game show hosts will keep the show comical and flowing smoothly. We can also customize your feud questions and get the 50 top answers from your employees or family and friends.

Take It Er’ Leave It

Just like that crazy game show where Howie lets you choose the suitcases. We have our own spin. The contestant chooses suitcases one by one eliminating the prizes, don’t get too cozy cause the banker might call with an offer you might or might not want to refuse. You can customize your own prizes, make the prizes fun, have some gag prizes, get some sponsored prizes. It’s great for companies to advertise a new product. We can do trivia and challenges to determine who will be the last one standing that will play Take It Er’ Leave It.

Mini Games

The Amazing Game Show has designed over 100 mini games. Mini games are quick and fun and many people can play. We can come right to the contestant with a wireless mic and play mini games. Some of our mini games include trivia, choosing numbers, matching items. It’s so much fun, your group will love it. Mini games can be played before, during and after your main games.

Works Well in this Type of Event

Private Events, Corporate Events, Festivals, Casino Events, Charity Events, Team Building, Parties and Holiday Events, College Campus Events, and Trade Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.