Andre Philippe Gagnon

Andre Philippe Gagnon
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Andre-Philippe Gagnon is a Canadian comedian and impressionist. He has tickled audiences in over 11 countries, in two languages, performing more than 3,500 shows, in front of over 5 million people and he still enjoys doing it today with the same excited enthusiasm he had when he was five.

Born in Quebec City, Canada, Andre-Philippe grew up like all the other boys in the neighborhood. He loved to play sports, loved to laugh, loved to play sports, loved music, loved to play sports, loved to tell jokes, and he loved to play sports! While he spent a good deal of time on the hockey rinks and baseball diamonds, he got an extra-special kick out of imitating celebrities to make his friends and family laugh. He found out very early on in life that his natural talent was something that others enjoyed listening to as much as he enjoyed exploring it. He was just a young hopeful when he did his very first impression at five years young! From those early years when he discovered what a joy it was to make others laugh, to present times where he as grown his repertoire to over 400 impersonations.

Experience: In 1985, Andre-Philippe Gagnon first acquired his international reputation. He participated for the first time at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs festival with an incredible act, impersonating with accuracy every artist of the song ‘We are the World,’ the famed song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and recorded by USA for Africa. Thanks to the success of his performance at the Just for Laughs festival, Gagnon was invited to present his version of We Are the World on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, reaching an audience of 15 million American viewers. The after-effects of this televised performance were immediate. International offers began to come forward, including an invitation to the Victoires de la Musique in Paris and to the gala Cinema Chante in Gstaad, Switzerland, where he had the opportunity to meet Frank Sinatra, one of the artists that he best imitates.

In 2004-2005, the man of 400 voices pursued his tour with his International Show in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. In addition, Gagnon began to work on his triumphant return to Quebec and prepared a new show Andre-Philippe Gagnon… de retour. On tour in Quebec and French Canada from the beginning of 2006 through the end of 2008, the artist went back to his first public for which he has lined up the best segments of his international show and prepared many new imitations. Performing more than 175 times before more then 200,000 spectators, Andre-Philippe Gagnon… de retour was extremely well received by the public and in 2007 received the OLIVIER trophy for the best selling comedy show of the year! Captured live on the outdoor stage of Square Youville in Quebec City on July 24th, 2009, Andre-Philippe Gagnon de retour was broadcasted on SUPER ECRAN on December 2009.

Full of new ideas, during summer 2009 Gagnon decided to concentrate on the creation of his brand new English show for January 2010. Some of the best Canadian comedy writers, including Gord Holtam and Rick Olsen (Royal Canadian Air Farce) and George Reinblatt (Rick Mercer’s Monday Report, Just for Laughs) teamed up with Gagnon and Staphane Laporte. Moreover, MOMENT FACTORY, the multimedia firm behind the last Nine Inch Nails tour and some of Le Cirque du Soleil creation jumped on board to help Gagnon generate his most personal show ever, a combination of technology and creativity!

Comedy Style: An impressionist with an eye on the world, Andre-Philippe Gagnon can slip from Joe Cocker’s husky croon to Dionne Warwick quicker than most performers can take a curtain call! From Mick Jagger to Vanessa Paradis, Louis Armstrong, Jean Chretien, and Fred Flintstone. Gagnon’s impressions of famous personalities are rapid-fire magic. With an engaging blend of comedy and music, his take on the “who’s who” of the world is funny and full of delicious detail. But between the jokes, his amazing voice actually delivers the essence of some of the world’s greatest singers.

Why hire Andre-Philippe? Andre-Philippe Gagnon established his career in both English and French, becoming recognized as a star in Canada and around the world. Most recently, famed impressionist Andre-Philippe Gagnon triumphed as “Entertainer of the year” at the 15th Star Awards gala in Toronto! With his brilliant impersonations and his overflowing charisma, Andre-Philippe Gagnon is the ideal international performer. In high demand worldwide, the artist divides his time between his tours and private functions at the request of organizations and multinational companies around the globe. Whether it be the St-Denis Theater in Montreal or the Venetian in Las Vegas, the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto or the Casino de Paris in Paris France, audiences emerge from the show overwhelmingly amazed. Wherever you see him, Andre-Philippe Gagnon is a definite must see!

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