Brent and Sarah

Brent and Sarah
Topics: Magic Comedians
Traveling From: Toronto 
Availabilities: Call Toll Free 1.800.693.6665 or complete our Request Form

Brent and Sarah are a husband and wife Magic and Comedy Team based out of Toronto that deliver Magic that is Unique and Impressive, Comedy that is Clever, Clean and Hilarious, and Music that features a Mind Reading Ukulele.

Performance Style of Brent and Sarah

A a unique husband and wife team with a style all their own. Together they combine magic, comedy, live music, improvisation and interactive audience participation into every show they perform.

Highlights of The Brent and Sarah Magic Show:

Features Two Hilarious Entertainers
Combines Magic, Comedy and Live Music
Fully Interactive Audience Participation
Big Laughs & a Variety of Amazing Magic
Several Volunteer Opportunities Where Selected Audience Members Become the Stars of the Show
A Clever Mix of Mind Reading, Illusion, Card Magic & Often a Daring Escape!

Why hire Brent and Sarah?

The magic and comedy duo’s hilarious, interactive magic show is a one of a kind experience that leaves a lasting impression. Their unique and hilarious approach to magic has made them a trusted choice for audiences of all shapes and sizes. The show is sure to amaze and impress, but it is Brent and Sarah’s hilarious personalities and on-stage chemistry that keep audiences raving about the dynamic duo. The show combines magic, music, comedy and interactive audience participation in a way that feels more like a two person variety show than a traditional magic act.

Brent and Sarah perform hundreds of shows every year. They live in Toronto but entertain all across Canada and they are available to entertain world wide. .Their mission is to protect audiences everywhere from boring, cheesy shows by by saving the day in a magical way! Their interactive show awaits any audience members that don’t mind watching from the edge of their seat!

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Conferences, Corporate Events, Fairs and Festivals, Comedy Festivals, Casino Events, Charity Events, Resorts, Theatres, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665


“Entertaining and funny! The highlights were the animated performance, comic delivery and sheer talent!”
– The University of Guelph

“In their years with Disney Cruise Line Brent and Sarah entertained tens of thousands of children and adults with their eclectic characters, magic talent and unbelievable energy!”
– Ian Kaner, Activities Manager at Disney Cruise Line

“Brent and Sarah were an excellent addition to our holiday program. They are always “ON” and welcomed each show with enthusiasm and professionalism. We were very happy to have them here and we plan to welcome them back in the future!”
– Ben Jones, Programming Manager at Casa Loma

“Brent and Sarah were an absolute pleasure to work with and our guests gave them outstanding reviews every week. Their show is great for all ages, funny, interactive and incredibly entertaining!”
– Jason Stanton, Recreation Manager at Bayview Wildwood Resort

“I was absolutely amazed by how engaged our large audience was… Brent and Sarah are professional, they understand your audience and they deliver 100 percent.” Karen Hager, Director at Ontario Science Centre “Their show is engaging and entertaining for all ages and we have not received anything short of great comments from our guests.”
– Kim Loader, Manager at Port Cunnington Resort

“From the first music to the last bows, the audience was mesmerized by the dynamic duo. Young and old were drawn in to their stage antics and masterful magic illusions. As a family show these performers are a treat for any audience from 3 to 103.” Rick Koury, Theatre Co-ordinator at Newmarket Theatre “Brent and Sarah are truly Incredible! Their show is hilarious and unique and it is clear that they love what they do when they perform. A must have for any family audience. They were a pleasure to work with and great performers”
– Jordana Ellery, Coordinator of Events for the City of Kitchener

“Brent and Sarah delighted everyone with their charming comedy banter, music and exciting magic. The audience got to participate too, as willing volunteers came up on stage to be a part of the performance. I would certainly render Brent and Sarah the highest recommendation. They were very professional to deal with and the entertainment was first-rate!”
– Kate Matuszewski, Coordinator of Arts and Culture for Elliot Lake

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