Brian Ocean

Brian Ocean
Topics: Hypnotists
Traveling From: Edmonton 
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Brian Ocean, hypnotist of the deep performs hilarious, tasteful, and inspiring, hypnosis shows throughout North America and beyond. The ocean theme is associated with power, nature, and the sound of waves gently rolling in to shore has been proven to be one of the most relaxing sounds on earth, regardless of one’s language or culture. Brian Oceans brand and traditional shows are developed with utilizing images of relaxing ocean getaways, warm sunny beaches, and the good, the bad and the ugly travel experiences. Brian Ocean believes hypnosis is a very natural state of mind, one that is peaceful, powerful, and can be used for many purposes, mainly having a lot of fun. Hypnosis is approachable, safe and comedic fun for all ages that watch and participate in our shows.

Brian Ocean is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist as certified by the American Council of Hypnotherapist Examiners. He is thoroughly trained in all areas of hypnosis, and capable of preventing any abreactions or confusions that may result from hypnosis.

Volunteers are the most important part of shows, as without them there is no show. We ensure they have a wonderful experience, are treated with the respect, dignity, and feel empowered and better about themselves when the show is over. Brian Ocean has performed over 120 various hypnosis skits, so there is no end to the variety of shows for your group or event!

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.


“We laughed so hard when our friend Amanda who was a volunteer on stage got back on the cruise ship after visiting the Caribbean beach and had a little too much fun in the sun. She thought she was so sunburned she was walking so funny and the look on her face priceless!”
Viewer John Billheimer, Canada.

“Everything went really well. We were definitely a little worried due to all the problems in the last 48 hours up to the event, but Brian did really well with getting there asap and setting up in no time. He obviously is experienced with setting up and being prepared. The show ran smoothly and was awesome! He was really funny and had our board members and staff running around looking for pretend bunnies! Hilarious! We had nothing but good comments and I was asked by a couple of people how I found him. So the positive message will be passed to others about your great service! Thanks again for all your help. We will know where to look again if we need anything in the future. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!”
Horizon Credit Union

“Brian Ocean was excellent. The students and staff really enjoyed him. HE was very appropriate for this age group – good clean fun. I would recommend him as entertainment for other school and family functions. Thanks for arranging him for our school function. I will be talking to you again next November. Thanks again.”
Frontier School