Bro Gilbert

Bro Gilbert
Topics: Magicians
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Bro Gilbert is a Magician who is a master at creating hilarious, interactive and psychologically stimulating mind magic presentations.

Bro Gilbert’s Magic Experience

Bro is a writer, speaker, trainer and magician who has worked behind the scenes as a creative consultant for many of television’s most popular magicians including Criss Angel (A&E Network) and Keith Barry (Discovery Channel). He also co-runs and operates one of the magic world’s most famous brands, Paul Harris Presents, a unique company that creates and develops magic tricks and instructional products for magicians around the world. Bro is the founder and creator of the Astonishment Academy, a popular online monthly specialty training series for business professionals and individuals wishing to enhance their ”Memorability Factor” by learning how to think like a magician as well as learning the secrets behind some of the most astonishing magicians in the world. These skills can also be applied to their everyday interactions. As well, Bro was a featured speaker at the 2013 TedX Stanley Park event in Vancouver and is always in demand as a corporate speaker/trainer and magician.

Bro Gilbert’s Performance Style

Considered by his peers as one of the most creative talents of his generation both as a performer and as a creator of mind blowing magic effects, Justin (Bro) Gilbert’s unique magic has raised the bar. On stage, his action-packed show includes mind reading, comedy and total audience participation. No levitation’s, dancing girls or large glittery boxes, this is next-level magic that involves the entire audience. The outcome of each show is based solely on the actions and decisions made by the audience. Bro Gilbert will try to influence your thoughts, deduce whether you are lying or telling the truth and slowly strip away the layers of what your guests thought possible.

Why Hire Magician Bro Gilbert?

Why hire Magician Bro Gilbert? Bro Gilbert’s modern style of conversational magic will leave your guests absolutely mesmerized! Whether on stage performing for hundreds or blending mindfully into your intimate event creating quiet miracles, there is a reason why Bro Gilbert for many has become “the go to guy”. Bro’s modern, thought-provoking, astonishing performances and workshops have made him a popular choice for companies looking for something unique, uplifting, educational and last but not least…entertaining!

Bro Gilbert works Well in this Type of Event

Corporate Events, Christmas Parties, Annual General Meetings, Conferences, Private Events, Festivals, Casinos, Charity Events, Sports Events, Community Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“Bro was instrumental in developing a forward-thinking workshop. Incorporating our topic on market research, he creatively engaged and wowed attendees. Our staff and clients walked away with a rejuvenated curiosity and enthusiasm thanks to Bro’s passion and delivery.”
NRG Research Group

“Your practical astonishment’s presentation successfully challenged our thinking, our
assumptions and made a great impression on our group! We had our annual convention the week after the meeting you spoke at and many owners from other zones were saying that they had heard about your magic and memory training from our meeting. Very impressed that they were still talking about that experience. Great job!”
Fountain Tire

“Bro Gilbert is my go to guy, an entertainer who has consistently and thoroughly mystified our group year after year, absolutely one of Canada’s finest talents and truly a one of a kind magician you have to see to believe, amazing! “
Cruise Connections Canada

“Bro, you truly entertained our group blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Staff were still talking about your performance around the office two weeks later! Can’t wait to have you back for our year end event!”
Feline Networks

“Without exception everyone present at our annual Vipond tournament was amazed by your performance. The feedback generated from your mind magic presentations has been remarkable, thank you again for a job well done. I can definitely foresee recommending you for many future events!”
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

“We have had magic in the past but nothing like this! This is the like the magic you only get to see on tv right in front of you, absolutely astounding”
Flight Centre Canada