Clark Robertson

Clark Robertson
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Clark Robertson is a stand-up comedian; an impersonator, an imposter; a celebrity look-alike, and … he can juggle. With his eclectic array of props and razor-sharp comedic timing, Clark is a virtual one-man variety show.

Experience: Clark Robertson seemed destined for the stage right from the start. As the proverbial class clown, he entertained his friends and parents with skits, singing and dancing. Clark was involved in theatre throughout college, where he earned a degree in broadcasting. Juggling was a hobby he perfected practising six hours a day and busking downtown on weekends while winning awards as a radio producer. In over 20 years of performing, Clark Robertson has polished his act to a high level of professionalism, delighting audiences of all ages at international exhibitions, nightclubs, fairs and corporate events throughout Canada and the US.

Performance Style: Clark Robertson develops rapport with any audience using his improvisational banter and innovative audience participation routines.

Comedy Styles Of Clark Robertson:

Clark Robertson’s The Golf Course Weasel Trap Gag

The weasel trap gag is a very funny addition to any golf tournament.

Here’s how it works:

First you find a golf hole with a tee box that cannot be seen until you arrive at it.
A cameraman is hidden in the bushes, at an angle so the approaching golfers cannot see him.
Clark Robertson is dressed up as a Conservation Officer.
The ‘spring action Weasel Trap’ is set up and ready to go!
As the golfers approach, Clark is rustling around the bushes surrounding the tee box.
Of course, the golfers will ask what is going on.
Clark tells them that there is a weasel problem in the area and that one of the grounds keepers was bitten in this area and more have been spotted.
The golfers are then told that one of the weasels has been caught, and that they should have a look at it… so they can identify it and advise the grounds keeper of its location.
Clark gathers the golfers around the weasel trap within eyeshot of the camera.
When they are all in place, Clark springs the trap and a fake weasel flies out at the golfers. This is all caught on camera without the knowledge of the golfers. After all the golfers have gone through, the tape is edited and reactions are put in to slow motion. The tape is then ready for playback during dinner to a great deal of laughter!

Clark Robertson as Host-EmCee

Clark Robertson’s naturally charismatic personality and quick wit is everything you need in a clean, comedic emcee. His improvisational skills and off-the-cuff quips are guaranteed to catch your audience’s attention with a personal touch. With his high level of professional performance he is sure to be the highlight of the event and keep things moving with ease.

Why hire Clark Robertson? In 25 years of performing, Clark has polished his act to a high level of professionalism, delighting audiences at conventions, corporate events and trade shows. Clark can customize his show with original material for any audience or corporate theme. He’s quick to develop a rapport with the crowd with his improvisational banter and innovative audience participation routines. Clark can also emcee your sports fundraisers, sports awards dinner, or emcee your convention or conference. His high-energy entertainment will be the highlight of your event – funny, laughable, hilarious clean comedy entertainment.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Emcee, Golf Tournaments, Corporate Events, Comedy Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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Live Appearances
Winter Olympic Games – Calgary
Continental Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas
Tropicana Hotel – Mexico
Calgary Stampede – seven consecutive years – Calgary

Opening Act For
Phyllis Diller
John Byner
Charlie Major
Jason McCoy
April Wine
Kim Mitchell

“Your performance was extraordinarily well received by all 200 participants, including our executive. A week later and I am still receiving positive remarks.”
Central Prairie Region, CIBC

“For a marvellous evening of relaxation tipped with funny, laughable, hilarious entertainment, I highly recommend Mr. Robertson’s show to young and old alike! One of the funniest, most enthusiastic entertainers I’ve ever encountered.”
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.

“Your comedy routine was both entertaining and funny. I would certainly recommend your act to any organization.”
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

“Thank you for making our 27th annual banquet a huge success. I have received numerous comments that you were hilarious and entertaining.”
Alberta Pork Producers

“Our company has enjoyed Mr. Robertson’s show on two occasions, and we have found him to be very flexible, talented and entertaining.”
Remington Tire Distributors

Past Clients
Cadbury Limited
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Alberta Pork Producers
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Banff Springs Hotel
Syncrude Oil
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
Fording Coal
Poole Laycraft
Remington Tire
Panorama Ski Resort