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Dennis Hull
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Dennis Hull is a public speaker and comedian. Dennis will readily admit to not being anything other than Bobby Hull’s brother, as long as you add that he’s the younger brother. He’s even been known to answer to some asking for Brett Hull’s uncle. A self-effacing brother to Bobby and proud uncle, Dennis is a fourteen year veteran of the NHL, his career spanned 13 seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks and one with the Detroit Red Wings, playing in over 1000 games. Dennis Hull was selected to play on six All-Star teams and starred with Team Canada in 1972. He is known for his powerful shot and his six selections to the All-Star Game are a testament to his hockey skills.

Dennis Hull Experience

Over his hockey career, Dennis amassed 303 goals and 351 assists in the regular season and scored 33 goals and the same number of assists in 95 playoff games. Upon retirement as a player, he became a broadcaster, as well as an educator, returning to St. Catharines, Ontario, where he played Ontario Hockey League Junior hockey (St. Catharines Teepees 1960-1964), to study at Brock University, graduating with a degree in History and Physical Education. He then taught at Ridley College and then became Athletic Director of Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Dennis Hull is a noted public speaker and comedian, and continues to operate a cattle farm raising Polled Hereford with his brother Gary in Northumberland County, Ontario. He has written a book entitled “The Third Best Hull” (ECW Press) which contains entertaining and often hilarious memoirs of his hockey career. Hull became good friends with Soviet goal tending legend Vladislav Tretiak, whom he had played against during the 1972 Summit Series, recalling “I told Tretiak that he’s become famous for letting in [Henderson’s] goal…I said to him that ‘if you had stopped it, you’d probably be a cab driver in Moscow today.’ “

Dennis Hull Comedy Style

Dennis Hull’s personality and clean comedic style have made him a well-known and sought after speaker, master of ceremonies and head table guest. The younger brother of Bobby Hull and a former NHL star in his own right, Dennis Hull draws from a wealth of anecdotes and stories, the topics ranging from sports to family to life in general.

Why hire Dennis Hull?

Dennis Hull’s understated after-dinner speaking style is his trademark, and he has quickly become one of the most sought after head table guests in the business. Dennis brings to the speaker’s podium a wealth of anecdotes and stories from his many experiences. Many of his peers consider Dennis to be one of the top after-dinner entertainers in North America. “There are two superstars in the Hull family – Bobby the hockey player and Dennis the after-dinner speaker.” – Gordie Howe

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