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Digital Caricature Artist
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If you are looking for unique , innovative entertainment that will entertain and leave your guests with a truly memorable experience, a Digital Caricature Artist is the perfect event entertainment!

Our talented Digital Caricature Artist is in a class of her own! She will draw your guests digitally live, while everyone enjoys the entertainment in the room! Caricatures in color or black and white, with the name of your event or your logo, each person leaves with his personalized design to your event, which they will hang on the wall. Innovative and exciting!

Experience of our Digital Caricature Artist: 

Audiences are treated to a caricaturist like no other. For a Digital Caricature Artist, each face is a new challenge, each illustration is a call for extending her talent. A born artist since childhood, the recipient of numerous prizes and a scholarship, she has converted her talent into a vocation! Recipient of a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts, she specialized in publicity illustrations at Montreal’s College Salette. Comfortable with computers and digital tools, and offering years of digital illustrations, she has innovated and now offers service digital caricatures live, a first in Canada! As an illustrator in various domains and especially as a caricaturist, she travels to many special events, whether they are private or corporate, in the greater Montreal region, everywhere in Quebec, and even further still!

Why hire a Digital Caricature Artist?

Our Digital Caricature Artist presents to you the new tendency, digital caricatures! To better entertain your guests she can project her work live on a LED HD screen. The advantage of projecting on a screen is the clarity and luminosity. The caricatures can be seen from a far distance, so all the visitors that pass by will be able to enjoy them.

The digital caricature is very innovative and unique. You will benefit from a Digital Caricature Artist who draws the guests on the spot on an optical tablet. Right after, the caricatures are printed on a 4×6” photographic quality paper and placed in a plastic sleeve to avoid any damage. Once the event is over, she will give you the electronic files so you can pass it on to your client. Then, they will be able to share by e-mail, post them on Facebook or even print them multiple times, so that they keep a great souvenir of the event and share their excitement to their loved ones! There is also the option of adding a logo on each caricature sheet, like for example a visual of your event’s theme as well the date on the bottom right of each drawing with no extra charge. By doing this, each guest will leave with a long lasting personalized souvenir of the event. As well, she creates and personalizes the visual components based on your needs, and asks you to approve them before the event. Your satisfaction is truly important to her.

As a professional and experienced Digital Caricature Artist, she also draws traditional caricatures. She draws on a thick quality paper, on any size to better fit your needs. The projection on the HD screen live and the personalized printouts are all included. Caricature becomes the perfect gift and a great part of your event’s animation! Discover how this entertaining Digital Caricature Artist can make your wedding, trade show, party or office party an unforgettable event.

Works well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Corporate Events, Office Parties, Charity Events, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665


“To give a more precise picture of this young talent, we would say that it is easy to approach and that it likes the festive atmosphere of special events. Also, she was very good at embracing our corporate values, which was very important to us.”

“Moreover, his caricatures are similar to those presented on his website: representative of the people, without too much exaggeration of features and tinged with humor. His work and his presence allowed us to spend a very pleasant evening. I highly recommend it!”
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Past Clients
The Bank of Canada
Parks Canada
Air Transat Holidays
Montreal Heart Institute
Canadian National (CN)
Maple Leaf
Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN)
Biosphere, Environment Canada
The Club Pitou
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