Don Bryan

Don Bryan
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Don Bryan, is one of the most talented ventriloquists working today. His fast paced, hysterically funny and completely customized presentations combine to delight even the most jaded audiences.

Experience: Don Bryan has appeared in concert with Trisha Yearwood, Dolly Parton, Eddy Murphy, and George Jones to name a few. Don’s experience and reputation keep him in demand as an entertainer for corporate events as well as on cruise ships like Holland America, Crystal Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises.

Don’s long time partner and main character is the unforgettable Mr. Noseworthy, a rather rambunctious, but loveable old curmudgeon. He was created by Don over 35 years ago and is one of one of 4 principle characters. His other characters include: the sweet old Miss Annie, a naive bumpkin Chester Field and a tired old buzzard, aptly named, Bird.

Television / Film / Radio
“An Evening At The Improv” – A&E
“Real People” – NBC
TSN Canada
“The Performers” – BCTV
“The Alan Thicke Show”

Stage Appearances With
Dolly Parton
Eddie Murphy
Dana Carvey
B.B. King
Harvey Corman

Comedy Style: Don and cast of characters help audiences find the joy of the “bellylaugh” again. During his performance, Don interacts with the audience involving them in the show. He even creates various characters in the person of an audience volunteer, resulting in a hilarious and laugh filled routine. A unique part of his show involves Miss Annie and Noseworthy actually appear to come alive, talking and moving on their own, without Don being near or touching them. This is a fun surprise that never fails to bring gasps of disbelief from an audience caught off guard. We can’t help laugh at ourselves and the trials of everyday life. After all… didn’t someone say, “To err is human, to laugh is utterly divine”!

Why hire Don Bryan? With an exceptional talent for researching and tailoring his performances to an audience’s specific requirements, Don Bryan is a rare talent in an industry of “can openers”. Each performance is peppered with regional, political and industry humour, and the outrageous situations his characters can drag the audience into will leave them howling in the aisles, and sometimes… falling out of their chairs. As a presenter, Don incorporates his characters into the event and provides comic relief, with humorous observations that delight the audience and add a sparkle to any special event. His performances are peppered consistently with regional, political and industry humour to customize the show.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Cruise Ships, Special Events, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“Don’s speedy comedic delivery and his highly honed skills as a ventriloquist had everyone laughing hilariously… He had all in attendance rolling in fits of laughter throughout his performance.”
Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

“Don’s performance was wonderful. The audience was absolutely thrilled. People were literally laying over the table with their heads in their arms, trying to regain control of themselves.”
Institute of Public Administration of Canada

“This is just a quick note to say that Don Bryan was an excellent guest speaker at our annual meeting. We were a little concerned how our conservative members would respond to a ventriloquist, but Don and Noseworthy received rave reviews from everyone. Don’s presentation was well-paced…he made an effort to find out who some of the key players are in our business… everyone had a great time.”
Canadian Turkey Marketing Association

“Our evening in the company of Don Bryan, Noseworthy and friends was a huge success. Don makes ventriloquism look so effortless and natural that it was easy to forget that this was a ventriloquist act – it seemed more like a real conversation between Don and Noseworthy. If you have other clients who are considering engaging Don, I’d certainly be pleased to recommend him… his show is clever and entertaining and suitable for all types of audiences.”
Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.

“Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the show and the feedback we received has been very positive.”
Ontario Sewer & Watermain Association

“We were overwhelmed by watching many audience members have to literally gasp for air because they were laughing so hard during your performance. Don, you have a wonderful talent and as a warm, down to earth individual, it was an extreme pleasure to work with you…our delegates gave your presentation the highest rating!”
Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association

“Don’s act with Noseworthy was a huge success and left us almost literally ‘rolling in the aisles’. Some of the comments I heard later were: I haven’t laughed so hard in years!; my sides were actually sore from laughing. I would surely recommend Don Bryan to anyone who is looking for an entertainer that will surely please any crowd.”
BC Hydro

“First, let me say that Mr. Bryan is the consummate professional and a true joy to work with. That aside, this is a very, very funny man. His act had several of our delegates in near physical distress, they were laughing so hard. His performance was outstanding, his material sharp, delivery precise and very, very enjoyable.”
Propane Gas Association of Canada

Past Clients
BC Hydro
IBM Canada
Suzuki USA
Talisman Energy
Credit Union Central of Alberta
Western Association of Broadcasters
Alberta Cattlefeeders Association