Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos
Topics: Musical
Traveling From: Saskatoon 
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Dueling Pianos is a musical piano duo from Saskatoon who take audiences on a non-stop, high energy, sing-along dueling piano ride, complete with their 1200-song request list.

Dueling Pianos Performance Experience

Since 2009, Dueling Pianos has performed over 550 shows in Western Canada. The Dueling Piano are available to entertain throughout Saskatchewan and Western Canada, that includes their famous 1200-song request list.

Dueling Pianos Performance Style

Nothing gets a crowd going quite like Dueling Pianists. Two talented pianists and singers play songs face-to-face while carrying on a bit of comedy in between songs. Sing-along, dancing and audience participation is the theme of each Dueling Pianos show. The audience requests any song they want whether brand new or 50 years old. Dueling Piano shows are high energy, lots of fun, and can be a terrific choice to entertain a wide audience. The show is spontaneous and they supply the audience with a set list of 2000 classic songs to pick from covering all styles of music – Anything from Elvis to Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga to Metallica. 2 pianists, plus 2 pianos equals a fantastic time!

Why hire Dueling Pianos?

Dueling Pianos is the perfect live music entertainment show for any function or party on any evening as they are delighted to introduce the dueling piano sensation from Saskatoon throughout Western Canada. When hiring Dueling Pianos for a piano bar, corporate event, private event another event requiring exciting entertainment, you can expect two professional entertainers playing two pianos, while singing and entertaining the crowd with audience participation. A guaranteed great time for birthday parties, corporate events, staggettes, Christmas parties, business functions, and more.

Works Well in this Type of Event

Special Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Charity Events, Casino Events, Business functions, Conventions, Community Events, Trade Shows, Birthday Parties, and Award Shows.

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