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Flyin Bob
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Flyin Bob is a A One-Man Three Ring Circus. He is a professional entertainer who has brought his own brand of insanity to countries around the world. Flyin’ Bob has been described as an idiot, fool, comedian, slyboots, juggler,showoff, unicyclist, wirewalker, gravity manager, creative realist, risk taker, and all around societal misfit. He performs an energetic, hilarious, highly skilled variety show that highlights physical comedy, audience participation, balancing, juggling, and vocal impressions.

Experience: Flyin’ Bob, aka Bob Palmer was born in Nova Scotia and grew up in Saskatoon. and now lives near Red Deer, Alberta. He performed as a guitar player in many rock bands, taught school, coached spring board diving and had a huge number of “real jobs” (none of which really took). He finally and luckily heard the call of the variety performer life and has never looked back…except to see what was stuck to his shoe…

Since 1985 Flyin’ Bob has performed around the World in such countries as Canada, The United States, Australia, Israel, England, Japan, Singapore, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, and the Middle East. He has toured schools extensively throughout Western Canada and has performed at many outdoor and corporate events throughout Alberta. He also directs, produces and teaches at Youth Circus Camps across the country.

Flyin Bob’s Shows

CORPORATE Flyin’ Bob’s corporate show GRAVITY MANAGEMENT is an action-packed 50 minutes of physical and verbal comedy; a slick mix of energetic juggling, spectacular balancing, twisted philosophy and audience participation. GRAVITY MANAGEMENT will enliven any Seminar, Conference, Convention, Trade Show or Special Event. Not a stand up comedy show. It’s so much more

FESTIVAL: Flyin’ Bob’s festival shows range from 20 minutes to one hour and are customized for your event. EVERBODY’S FOOL has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people throughout 13 countries. From the 20 foot high 60 foot long skywriter to the egg catapult to the 20 foot long high wire of death Flyin’ Bob is a guaranteed attention getter and a master of crowd control.

THEATRE: Flyin’ Bob’s theatre show ARTICULATE NONSENSE is an exploration of the three-ring circus, in FLYIN’ BOB’S mind. From the simple balance of a peacock feather to a dramatic and nearly disastrous high wire walk, ARTICULATE NONSENSE is a celebration of risk taking, failure, useless skills, play, and never giving up. This show is available in 60, 75 and 90-minute versions.

SCHOOL: Flyin’ Bob’s one-hour school show BE THE CIRCUS has mesmerized elementary, junior and senior school student audiences across the country. Never patronizing, Flyin’ Bob fully connects with his audience (probably since he never really grew up himself). BE THE CIRCUS explores the possibilities inherent in juggling, acrobatics, wire walking, comedy and character. It stresses the importance of physical activity, concentration and the value of failure as well as success. A 5-minute question and answer session follows the performance, and a 12-page study guide is available. The show is easily set up in your school gymnasium.

Flyin Bob’s Corporate Performances feature:

The 6-foot Unicycle of Severe Discomfort.
Flyin Bob risks his assets for your enjoyment.

Celery: Beneficial Roughage? Or Invitation to Terror!
Can you imagine Your CEO having celery chopped out of his mouth? (don’t tell him it’s a surprise!)
4 people, 3 celery stalks, 2 juggling pins, and 1 machete!

The Coin Catch
Flyin Bob demonstrates his philosophical approach to money management, risk assessment, positive reinforcement, the importance of failure, and attitude to life in general. Wow! A lot for one trick.

Ping Pong Dans La Bushe
Ping pong balls appear, disappear, and fly through the air with only the breath to claim responsibility. Hysterically funny, and vaguely nauseating!

And Much, Much More!
All tied together with Flyin Bob’s hilarious banter. His ability to involve the audience and react to anything makes each and every performance unique.

Flyin Bob adds two spectacular segments to the show, for a truly one of a kind event that people will remember forever.

I Walk the Line
(highwire, comedy, audience participation) As Flyin’ Bob capably walks the 9 foot high, 20 foot long Tight Wire, but suddenly things go HORRIBLY wrong and Flyin’ Bob is challenged to the limits of his ability. No golden parachute can save him now! Will his ego survive intact?

The Sky Writer
The biggest prop in the show, a 20′ long pole with a 60′ long rainbow coloured banner creates huge, intense shapes and patterns in the air. The audience is mesmerized, delighted, and sorry when it ends. An astonishing, in the dark, BLACK LIGHT version is also available.

And Much, Much More!

Works Well in this Type of Event: Schools, Corporate Events, Festivals, Casino Events, Cruise Lines, Charity Events, and Conventions.

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“I continually have people stopping me in the hallway telling me how much they enjoyed your performance. 2200 people came to our function, that is the most we have had in the past 5 years. Again, Thank you very, very much for the wonderful show.”
Lakeside Packers

“Absolutely wonderful! I have never had so much great and positive feedback”
David Thompson Health Region

“Flyin’ Bob was a HUGE success. Everyone was raving about him folks from the first show wanted to stay to see him again in the afternoon!”
Colt Engineering

“Your show was delightful and every attendee was impressed. You incorporate so many different aspects of entertainment so successfully! We laughed till it hurt, which is always a good thing!”
Laureen Aime Gleniffer Lake Resort, AB

“The performance was absolutely fantastic…”
Jordan Tucker Sales & Catering Manager Jasper Mountain Park Lodges, AB

“Flyin’ Bob was a great hit at our conference.The audience loved the show and we are stil receiving great comments about his act.”
Les Karpluk Fire Chief Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs

“…tremendous feedback… fun and entertaining.”
Cindy Spears Marketing and Promotions Fantasyland Hotel Edmonton, AB

“Absolutely wonderful! I have never had so much positive and great feedback.”
Dianne Johnson Financial Services David Thompson Health Region

“This multi talented performer captivated our diverse audience from beginning to end.”
Barbara King Special Events Coordinator Suncor Energy

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City of Edmonton
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