Franco Taddeo

Franco Taddeo
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Franco Taddeo and his stand-up comedy are deeply rooted in the fact that he’s Italian Canadian. He is able to reach out to the outsider in all of us.

Experience: Years of not being brave enough to get on stage lead to a wealth of material before Franco Taddeo ever performed. This time allowed for Franco to mold a defined character on stage as he is now a defined man off. While happily toiling away at comedy, Franco got his first big break on the “Joe Avati: Live & Big Tour”. 3 months and 18 cities later he had been introduced to the country and the continent as a new comedic force and has never looked back.

In the years that succeeded Festivals, Television specials and endless Benefits have followed and helped to cement Franco as the comic who is able to reach out to the outsider in all of us. Franco performs nationwide and has appeared on both CTV and CBC. Having just returned from a triumphant 18 city cross country tour, he’ll walk you down that memory of our youth…just in case you happened to “fuggedabout” it.

Performance Style: Franco connects with all audiences through humor that is, like our lives, multifaceted, complex and sometimes just surreal. It is comedy about the immigrant as the Hero not the victim. It is empowering while being damn entertaining. All about Ethnic Cool not ethnic fools. His comedy, like our lives, is neither rooted nor stuck in “nonna’s old world”. Hilarity ensues when old world meets the new world with only us as its translators! “My comedy is smart but accessible. The late Richard Jeni is one of my idols.” — Franco Taddeo

Personality: “I started comedy later than most, at the age of 30. This has been both a blessing and a curse for my career — mostly a blessing. Since I was older, my world view or perspective on things was much more defined. I fast-tracked comedy because I didn’t spend five or six years trying to find myself on stage, since I already knew who I was off stage.” — Franco Taddeo

“You will never see four or five Italians hanging out in the woods. And if you should happen on four or five Italians in the woods, I promise, at least one of them is never coming back.” But don’t worry—he has a lot to say about being Canadian too: “The International Olympic Committee awarded Canada—after years of trying—the Winter Olympics. And as soon as we were awarded the Olympics, we held them in Vancouver, the only city in this country that doesn’t actually have winter. I can’t wait until we bid for the 2020 summer Olympics in Nunavut.” — Franco Taddeo

Why hire Franco Taddeo? Franco’s performance is empowering while being damn entertaining. “I connect with audiences because I am the quintessential outsider or minority. I am an Italian-Montrealer, an English Quebecer, a Quebécois-Canadian and a Canadian in North America. I will find that part which connects me to an audience.” — Franco Taddeo

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“Thank you Franco for a great evening! We had nothing but compliments on you and your comedians from everyone, Bravo and thanks again.”
L.Frederico Caboto Elementary Montreal, Quebec

“Critically acclaimed”
Montreal Gazette

“When it comes to Italian-Canadian Comedy there is no other choice. Young, modern and outrageously hilarious.”
Il Postino (Ottawa)

“THANK YOU…as usual YOU made our fundraiser a success!!!!”
Anna Villalta (Principal, Mother Teresa Junior High School)

“Simply Splendid”
Il Cittadino (Montreal)

” I saw your show last year…i’m telling you and I’m being 100% honest, it was the best stand-up show i have ever seen! I think its because I relate so well to the stuff you said: the italian way of life, growing up as an italian in st-leo, italian parents, multi-cultural montreal and our italian experience around here!”

“You were soooo funny and kept the show rolling. The team of comics you brought were wonderful. You were the audiences favourite with your jokes and banter with the crowd. All the best to you and we heartily recommend you to any school or charity interested in raising funds.”
Carol Salmon (Genesis Elementary School Governing Board)